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Children behaving badly: Remember what your life was like BEFORE kids…

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Children Behaving Badly: Give them some entertainment..!

Children Behaving Badly: I’m an angel – me- honest!

Do you remember what it was like before kids – what we did or didn’t do? Perhaps how we judged or the things we said to friends or colleagues with kids, particularly with children behaving badly?

This holiday I have had to congratulate my three.

We went to the States to visit their Uncle and Aunt.

That in itself was a 5 hour drive from the airport. There are no cousins so no other playmates, toys or safe garden to play in and I think they did really well.

We were armed with a few cars, some pens, colouring and puzzle books plus magnetic ludo and snakes and ladders. But we managed.

Children Behaving Badly: Did You judge before Kids?

Children Behaving Badly: Did You judge before Kids?

But it can be a real challenge to visit friends or relatives who don’t have or who have never had children. As parents we get used to children, how they behave when tired, excited or hungry, but there are times when it helps to remember how little we knew of that before their arrival. It can help us deal with that person who seems a little intolerant and will help put their remarks or attitude into perspective. I remember thinking why couldn’t parents placate a child in the supermarket and now I have been there and done that, I look on in sympathy.

Another thing we did which really helped was to have some time on our own. We went away doing our own thing for a few days. It gives everyone some space and a break. This reduced my stress from worrying about how the children were being perceived and a break for them from trying to be on their best behaviour and from hearing some unhelpful comments.

If you asked me whether it was worth it, I would say yes although it did cause some additional stress
between hubby and me but we saw some great things, have some fab photos, the kids loved it, and
honestly I think most of the agro simply by passed them.

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