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We recently went on a ski-ing holiday - well the kids did, I just chilled out. Instagram captures it perfectly...we wouldlove to go back and can't wait. Where is your favourite place to ski?

Recently I had a most gorgeous holiday in Chatel in France. It was more than beautiful for a number of reasons, but the most important one was that I actually managed to relax, and give myself some me time for a very rare moment.

I switched off the email.

I switched off the phone.

And I went to a Spa while my husband looked after the kids on the ski slope.

THAT is why I love ski-ing holidays even though I don’t actually do any ski-ing. For the full, and real escape that they afford me. I get to be me, finally; while the other half gets to be him, on the ski slopes with the kids.

The only social media I left on was Instagram, as I LOVE a good picture, and am taking part in the #CapturingLifeLaughterLove Instagram challenge. Just tag those photos that are relevant to capturing the love, and laughter in you and your kids lives to find like minded souls on this wonderful app.

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We had a wonderful surprise on the way to Chatel – we ended up visiting Lake Geneva unexpectedly.

Wasn’t expecting to see Lac LeMan today!

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I managed to get a quick snap from the passenger seat in the car; who knew that the lake was THAT big! On arrival at our hotel, we were pleasantly surprised to find that we were going to be living in rather a wonderful place thanks to CGH Residences, whose new complex in Chatel was exactly what I was after; I’ll be giving more info on this next week (7th May). Suffice to say that thanks to them, I was able to chill out without too many difficulties ;-) The view from our apartment definitely helped:

This is my view. It’s lovely. And I have to write my assignment. Send cake please ;-) A photo posted by Helen Neale (@kiddycharts) on


Even though the weather in Chatel wasn’t as it could have been for the week we were there, the slopes weren’t too busy, and the views on the mountainside were magnificent, more than making up for the spots of rain we had to put up with:

So I don’t ski but I do do mountain restaurants for lunch…

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My husband had never skied in Chatel before, but both the standard of the ski instructors for the kids, and the variety of the runs were perfect. He was able to explore without kids, and to give our children a little challenge in the afternoons when the lessons were over.

The food in the resort, as is often the case in France, wasn’t as inspiring as it can be in Austria and Switzerland. However, the fondues were out of this world. Be careful you don’t get a cheese and ham overload while you are there! Chatel is famous for its cheeses, and they can be rather tempting after a day on the slopes….

Fondue Fun! #fb A photo posted by Helen Neale (@kiddycharts) on


Despite our best efforts, we still didn’t manage to tire Stuntboy out, even though the kids were ski-ing about 6 hours a day!

Mountain photo bombing!

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ESI did us proud with the lessons. The great thing about their school in Chatel was that they have a local presence, and are always here year on year; with the same instructors. This means that they have an added incentive to keep you happy as they want you to come back again, and to spread the world about their teachers and classes. Both the kids were able to progress to their next badge in the week they were with them…which meant smiles all around.

My ski superstars! A photo posted by Helen Neale (@kiddycharts) on


We were so sad to have to leave Chatel after our time there BUT we made sure even that was an adventure by booking on the ferry; this meant that the kids could have fun playing games with us…

….and we were able to take some rather stunning shots of the White Cliffs of Dover as we came back home. I remember being on the ferry as a child, and how much I looked forward to it. It is all part of the adventure, and can make that trip home exiting rather than sad.

We may be on our way back…. A photo posted by Helen Neale (@kiddycharts) on


Annoyingly, it all feels like we were in Chatel an awfully long time ago now….but we hope to go ski-ing again next year. And THIS time I shall definitely make sure we book somewhere that works just as well for the non-skiers in the family, as our big and little ski nuts!

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