Me time: sleepovers
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Me time: Unexpected calm and guilt free

This weekend has been quiet; we lost two out of three for sleepovers….so we managed to get a bit of “me time” With the younger two gone on Friday, we had a treat of ice cream with chocolate for tea. Without the boys on Saturday night, we had pizza while watching Pirate of the Caribbean, […]

by Helen • June 25, 2013
Work at home mums: writing a check
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Today I am writing a cheque…

Today we have a lovely guest blog from Jo Middleton, AKA Single Slummy Mummy about her guilt as a work at home mummy. It’s never easy working from home; we always beat ourselves up about things, no matter how we do it…. Today I am writing a cheque. It’s a cheque for after school club. It’s been […]

by Guest Blogger • February 22, 2013
Kids illnesses - Always hit in the holidays!
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Why do kids illnesses always strike when its the holiday?

Oh no not again – why is it that kids illnesses KNOW when its the holiday, and then come and bite you on the arse? Every couple of weeks since mid-December one of the three children has been ill and off school. There has been this headache and temperature virus going around and around. In […]

by Beckie • February 20, 2013
Parents guilt; Guilty as charged!
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Parents Guilt: Would we just make it up if we didn’t feel it?

Parents guilt – what’s it all about; why do we get so racked with it. If only I knew…. My kids have been to after school club over the last few weeks. The first time, they actually ASKED to go. And because we are going to need to use it more over the next few weeks, […]

by Helen • October 5, 2012
Spend time with your kids: reading to them is a great activity
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Spend time with your kids…that’s when they feel special and loved

This is our regular Tuesday Tips for Parenting guest post by Beckie Whitehouse from Be Confident Coaching. Its not hard to do; spend time with your kids, it can be the best reward for them, and for you as well…. Yesterday our oldest returned from a weekend at cub camp. He had a fab time climbing, abseiling and […]

by Beckie • September 18, 2012
A trip to IKEA as me-time for mum!
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The other day, I had some me time…

This is our regular guest post by Beckie Whitehouse from Be Confident Coaching. It was lovely, but not quite as self-indulgent as it sounds. A friend and I went to IKEA! So having done a load of washing and walked the dog we set off at 8 am on a Saturday morning. The kids’ rooms have been […]

by Beckie • July 24, 2012
Hopes and fears for the future with our girls
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Worried parents of girls: I can see into the future, and it’s pink

Me and The Dad often have little chats about what we hope/fear for the future; we are the classic worried parents of girls perhaps? I don’t remember having chats about the future very often before we had children, but we have them fairly regularly now. We discuss our fears for our girls’ futures and what […]

by Guest Blogger • July 23, 2012
My kids love being involved in my business - so should we all let them help a bit?
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Working Mums: Get your kids in the boardroom!

I recently read a post from More Than Mummies about getting your children involved in testing your products..and it got me thinking…. Do we all need to get our kids into our jobs and businesses; mums, dads, grandma’s, everyone – our kids opinions matter to us all, don’t they? Kiddies in the chore charts boardroom […]

by Helen • May 16, 2012
The moon is up - time to use that iPhone!
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Working Mums: 10 reasons why we should sleep with our iPhones…

Last week, the lovely Ally Pinney from Mumsclub challenged her blog readers to do without their iPhone for a whole weekend…and I wimped out. I am seriously sorry. I have only really had it for a year. Be it appears to have taken on the significance of a third child in my family. A slightly […]

by Helen • April 27, 2012
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Working Mums: Eight reasons why chocolate should be in your business plan

A week or so ago, I worked in the coffice. For those of you who haven’t encountered that yet, it basically means sitting in a coffee shop with a WiFi connection pretending to work, but in fact eating chocolate brownie. While I was doing this it made me realise how important chocolate is to working […]

by Helen • April 16, 2012