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Wwe all know that lacing can help with fine motor skills - well here are some great lacing cards that also help with maths too - both sequencing and recognition!
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Printable number lacing cards for kids to sew

It is Thursday, which san mean only one thing – we have another printable for you all! This week, we have a little educational tool for you all to use; lacing cards. We have already done a few educational printables on the blog, and these are gorgeous. The are designed as numbers to help your […]

by Helen • October 8, 2015
How can you help your toddler with their speech development, and encourage them to be talking and chatting? We have some great ideas for you.
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Tips to encourage your toddler’s speech development

  In this week’s hangout with Beckie Whitehouse, we are talking about speech and how we can help our toddlers with their speech development. First words are usually spoken at the age of around one and usually consist of dadda, mamma or nanna.  Dadda often comes first much to any mum’s disgust ;-)  Babies will […]

by Helen • October 2, 2015
Tummy time is often something that we are encouraged to do to help baby crawling - we have tips on what to do with tummy time, but also other ideas for encouraging crawling from around the web. Come on and get that baby moving!
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Tummy time: Tips for encouraging crawling – activities to advice

This month we are looking at helping you all with encourage your little ones to crawl from activities and tummy time, to just general advice to get them moving…we published a post about this recently, and I know there are a load of wonderful resources out there for getting those little lets a-moving. Be careful […]

by Helen • March 6, 2015
competitive mum
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Top 5 tips to beating competitive mum syndrome

We all know what it is, and we often try not to do it or to get involved. Some of us even revel in it. But if you don’t and you are a natural born worrier, competitive mum syndrome can be a soul destroyer, and create developmental paranoia that ruins the joy of bringing up […]

by Helen • February 25, 2015
learning to walk
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Learning to walk – 4 ways to encourage your toddler

Learning to walk – both my kids were walking at around a year. Some of my friends little ones were before and some a good deal after, but one thing we all had in common was a determination to encourage our kids in reaching their goal as best we could. Doorway fun Before they were […]

by Helen • February 18, 2015
learning to crawl
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Learning to crawl – 5 tips on how to encourage baby

Learning to crawl – it’s a massive milestone in any little baby’s life, and parents strive to help their child achieve it. However, if you’re anything like I was, once they have got there, you wish they hadn’t! Nothing is safe anymore, and you can’t leave them for a moment. If you do, they’ve got […]

by Helen • February 11, 2015
developmental differences
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Developmental milestones – the difference between boys and girls

Developmental milestones differ greatly between children as a whole, but what about the differences between boys and girls? We always ask each other in the car on the way home from school what each child liked best about their day. A while ago, my youngest, at the time, a boy of five, said: “Play-time.” And my […]

by Helen • January 28, 2015
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Asking questions … stay sane when your kids ask “why”

“Why, mummy, why?” Hands up all of those mums and dads out there who have heard those three little words a little bit more than you would like. Perhaps you even pretended you hadn’t quite heard properly, or you were desperately busy doing something else, or maybe you just hid behind the sofa. Everyone with […]

by Helen • January 21, 2015