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Christmas 2021:How to create a truly memorable family Christmas this year

Creating a truly memorable Christmas Day 2021 might be more important to you than it’s ever been in the past for you and your family. If you had a less than perfect festive period last year as many of us did, you’ll probably want to change that this year. Lots of families weren’t able to get together, ourselves included. We’re going to talk today about how you can start planning ahead and making sure that Christmas 2021 is one you’ll remember for all the right reasons.

This is a collaborative post.

It’s been tough for us all, and it is time we gave ourselves a break. So here are some ideas to make 2021 better, but without putting too much pressure on yourself too.

Make or find custom gift solutions

A big part of any family Christmas is the giving of gifts. You need to make sure that the gifts you give will have the right kind of impact and help you to show your love and appreciation for the family. Giving your kids the toys they’ve been wanting all year is a safe bet. And for the adults, you might want to consider custom Christmas gifts that carry a little more meaning.

There really is nothing quite like a personalised gift for relatives and friends to open, whether it is because you have thought long and hard about what you are giving, or because it’s got their name on it.

Make the most of the buildup to Christmas 2021

The thing that’s most special about Christmas is not so much the day itself but more than buildup to it. By putting in place plans to make the most of the buildup, such as going ice skating together or attending Christmas markets, you can really make the most of the holiday season in the fullest possible way, and that’s what it’s all about after all.

We know that sometimes it feels like retail start Christmas way too early, and we feel your pain. However, embrace what you can, and leave what you can’t. Maybe when that tree goes up in the market square in November, pop along and visit. For the kids, and maybe even for you this time around? We missed out on so much, it is perfectly OK to want to make up for it this year, right?

Decorate the home as a family

Decorating the home ahead of Christmas is what the holiday season is all about as well. Decorating the family home should be a family effort. It helps to get everyone in the Christmas spirit when they’re decorating the home and having a good time. It’s what the season is all about and you should be sure to make the most of it. Put a weekend aside to spend time together doing all of this decorating.

We know there is always debate as to when the decorations go up. We are very much a 1st December kind of a family – any longer and it seems wrong; but any less and it just doesn’t seem like Christmas yet.

Cook festive treats on Christmas Day 2021 and beyond

The food is another huge part of Christmas. We all have particular Christmas treats that we love, whether that’s sugar canes or maybe gingerbread men. Or perhaps you just love the Christmas dinner that your family shares every year. Making the most of the delicious tastes and smells we associate with Christmas is a big part of enjoying this time of the year, so don’t look past it.

And don’t forget to include some special treat to add even more to the period. What about these amazing Christmas Trees on KiddyCharts – they are very much a treat, don’t you think?

Create new routines and traditions for Christmas 2021

Creating a new routine and traditions is something else you might want to consider. Christmas is a time of the year that’s all about family traditions and routines. You should aim to add a small tradition to your family’s Christmas each and every year. It’s something that you can think about together as a family, or simply allow it to happen organically. Something that we LOVE to do every year, is try and get to a Christmas Show. That can be expensive though, so there are other simpler ideas that you can introduce. Anything from a new bauble a year for the tree, to making sure you make and leave reindeer food out for Rudolph.

A truly memorable Christmas is one you spend with your family and enjoy as a family unit. That’s what Christmas and the holiday period in general is all about. So be sure to make the most of the tips and ideas we’ve discussed here today if you want to enjoy Christmas with your family to the max.

If you have any spare time, and need some ideas for Christmas – we have LOADS on KiddyCharts. We even have a whole section dedicated to Christmas to help inspire you. Here are some of our favourite ideas for you:

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More fantastic Christmas printables for you all to download on KiddyCharts. Make Christmas a little more magical for the kids.

And loads off site too – we are all about entertaining the kids and making Christmas 2021 work even better for you all:

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Some more ideas for Christmas Printable fun from the internet. Why not nip off my site and check them out? But DO come back afterwards!

If you have any other ideas for our readers to make Christmas Day 2021 special, why not drop us a line, or comment on this post?

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