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Chores for toddlers: Can they help around the house this summer?

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Dinosaurs chores for toddlers chart example

Dinosaurs chores for toddlers chart example

There are kids EVERYWHERE.

So, that’s an exaggeration. However, its the summer holidays, and where there were kids at school, there are now kids all around your feet while you try and put stuff in the washing machine, hang things out, cook, clean, and generally prove to the world that you are a domestic god or goddess.

If you are like me, you started off shoving them in front of the telly, but now they are bored and they want to “help” so lets build them a toddler chore chart and get them helping around the house! They don’t have to do it everyday of course, but they can tick off the chore when they do; or even colour it in.

Chores for toddlers: 8 chores they can muck in with

But what chores for toddlers are there? Surely if I let me 3 year old’s mits near anything to do with the house, that is going to spell disaster? Wrong. They will adore helping you out. You are, after all, Team {insert surname here}!

Suggestions to be starting with including:

  1. Hanging clothes up (or perhaps just picking them up off the floor, if putting them on a hanger is a bit too hard)
  2. Helping put the washing away
  3. Looking after the pets (my kids feed the cats every so often; and cats don’t care, but the kids love it)
  4. Making their beds (though this may actually consist when they are younger of just pulling back the duvet, or making sure cuddle cat stays in bed rather than getting lost at the swings and slides)
  5. Putting the shopping away
  6. Setting the table
  7. Tidying up
  8. Washing up (or perhaps just taking their things to the sink to be washed up).

Getting an extra pair of hands to help may not make things take less time, but it’ll give your little one a sense of responsibility and a feeling that they have helped their mummy. And that can’t be a bad thing now can it?

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