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20 more free activities for kids over the summer holidays

Free activities for kids over the summer holidays: 20 ideas

Free activities for kids over the summer holidays: 20 ideas

This is our regular guest post by Beckie Whitehouse from Be Confident Coaching.

As you seemed to love our 20 free activities for kids last week; we have another list of free activities for you this week too! Admittedly, there is one that costs a little bit, but we thought it was worth including anyway!

  1. Bus, train, tram ride – usually the kids can go free. All of our children have loved a train ride and then sitting in a station with snacks watching all the hustle and bustle before catching the train back again.
  2. Use up those coupons in the drawer – the get one in free, supermarket vouchers and points to go out to attractions or to the cinema
  3. Make your own wrapping paper – a roll of brown parcel paper. Spread it out in the garden get the paints out and you can make hand prints, foot prints, welly prints whatever you fancy all over the paper
  4. Cut up old cards to make new cards or gift tags
  5. Or cut shapes to make puzzles
  6. Or a game where you cut the card in half and hide one of the picture give a child one half and send them off to find the other. (This is also a great party game.)
  7. Have a clear out and do a car boot sale. We did yesterday and made ourselves almost £50 which we were very happy with
  8. Grab an empty cardboard box and it can be a train, boat, rocket, house etc etc
  9. Make a traffic jam using all the toy cars and lorries how long will it be or how many times will it go around the room?
  10. Try an exotic fruit – let the children help choose something different to try something with a funny name or an odd shape
  11. Tye dye a T-shirt or pillow case or both
  12. Leaf rubbing – gather some leaves place them upside down under a piece of paper and rub over them with a crayon on its side and watch the shapes appear
  13. With older ones, you can do this with coins too
  14. Make some birthday cards – cutting out magazines or using aqua or hamma beads, stickers the options are unlimited
  15. Make pizza together – the children can choose toppings and help put them on
  16. Tell a story one sentence at a time (everyone takes a turn)
  17. Go and help a friend or grandparent in their garden or allotment
  18. Watch the traffic. I know this sounds mad but we go to and choose a cake from the bakery or an ice lolly from the newsagents and sit on a bench near the road and watch the cars and lorries. We also play guessing games such as will we see anyone we know drive past or what colour will the next car be
  19. Check out any deals at the cinema or go to a weekend kids showing these are much cheaper than usual showings (this is the sneaky one that costs!)
  20. Wash the car and relax allow a bit of a water fight on a hot day.

Anyone got anymore?

Photo courtesy of Microsoft Clipart.

Beckie is a mum to three kids, and works in the Cambridge area as a coach. Feel free to get in contact for a no obligation discussion.

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