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Sibling differences: no two children are the same….

No two children and the same - apples and oranges

No two children and the same – apples and oranges!

Today we have a very honest post from Welsh Mum about sibling differences. Pop on over to her blog and say “hi” if you can too; she writes about her experiences with her two children as a single mum living in Wales.

When I fell pregnant with my second child every one told me that no two are the same, I didn’t believe them. Now my daughter is 21months old and I wish I had of listened.

I have 2 children my eldest who is nearly 7 and an absolute angel, I do have a reward chart for him, but this is mostly to do with reading and writing as he is dyslexic and hates having to practice these things as he gets so frustrated at not being able to do them. Other than this, I don’t know I have him.

I will be honest and say I live on a small estate which can be quite rough, but he never goes out fighting or throwing stones and swearing like some other kids do and this makes me so proud, DJ will help me with cleaning, always puts his plate and cup in the kitchen after use and has even started washing them himself, he will clean his own room without being asked and always asks if I need help with anything or need him to go to the shop for me.

Now my daughter Ruby, is 21months old and has been my little horror from the day she was born, she never slept and still doesn’t sleep now,

She is into everything and anything, it doesn’t matter where we are, if she doesn’t get her own way she throws a temper tantrum, I have to hide and put make up and pens away/out of reach because if I don’t she is there drawing on walls, shower/bath panels.

I have walked into my bathroom before now to find my bath panel and shower panels coloured in black only for Ruby to turn round and say:

“Look shower/bath pretty now.”

I have got a chart for Ruby but at the moment, but I do think maybe she is a little too young as she doesn’t seem to understand and only has one sticker, but I am keeping up with it as it’s the only way she will learn. {KiddyCharts would agree; we recommend that you leave a sticker chart until around 2 at the earliest unless you really feel your child is ready}

Now, it’s not often I swear or curse but often when she doesn’t get what she wants she shouts (oh god really loud), she also likes to say a certain swear word and calls her self this all the time, I feel embarrassed when she does it when we’re out and have since found out it’s her dad that has taught her how to say it, (we’re not together).

One of the best with Ruby was last December when I was watching my son’s Christmas concert, she was crawling on the floor and I kept having to pull her back towards me and the teacher said it was ok to leave her, my son had come on stage and Ruby wanted to go to him and the teacher allowed her to, all was fine until she decided she wanted to come down and shouted boobies really loud to my friend so she would get her down, Everyone just laughed as they knew who she was and who she was referring too.

I have also thrown a temper in the middle of Tescos to try and stop her from throwing hers, it worked and she soon calmed down, but my step-dad said he wanted the ground to swallow him up as we looked a state they two of us screaming and throwing are arms around.

As much as I love her she often drives me crazy and I think a lot of her behaviour is due to frustration , but it still needs to be sorted now rather than later.

Most people think that she looks like an absolute angel and for everyone else she is.

What about the sibling differences in your children? Are there any obvious ones? My two are totally different just like Welsh Mums! Your thoughts below would be welcome.

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