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Little star presents….Mine By Sarah Hammond (Parragon)

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As Mine: Book Reviewa Parragon Book Buddy Blog, we at KiddyCharts always look forward to receiving the latest book from Parragon.

We enjoy the anticipation of not knowing what we are going to receive next! With three book loving boys we have a house overflowing with books and they are always ecstatic to receive more!

This time it is ‘Mine!’ written by new author Sarah Hammond and illustrated by Laura Hughes.

What is it?

Mine! is a story of two little girls learning to play together. It explores the dynamic between them as they learn that what is different about them can actually be a good thing.

Kitty is playing cafe and likes to keep everything in order with everything being done a certain way….when her friend Lea comes round to play and tries to do things differently, bringing in new customers and playing music, stroppy Kitty doesn’t like it much and so hides away till she realises it can be a bit quiet and boring on your own…

What did the kids think?

I read this story to all three of my boys, but I think Roo aged 2 is more the target age. When I asked his opinion on the book he shouted ‘Picnic!’ before skipping off. I took that as quite positive as he had sat listening intently, taking it all in. I’m not sure he really followed the point of the story, unable to relate to the issue. Roo did tell me ‘Kitty grumpy’  but I don’t think he quite understood why, or what the problem with Lea was all about. Here’s hoping that on a subliminal level he has now learnt to share and play nicely with others..! Bean (age 5) wasn’t really engaged by the story and his attention wandered whilst reading. Roo has selected it to be read a few times now and really enjoys the illustrations, pointing out the bits that amuse him – such as Bingo balancing biscuits on her head! And the foody theme is always going to be a winner with my children!

What did mummy & daddy think?

When I first read the description for this book I was a little puzzled by the comment that the story reflected ‘…how little girls play…’ – I wasn’t really aware of this generalisation but as I read the story I was chuckling as it was very reminiscent of my sister and I as kids (me being the rowdy one, her the one with everything quietly in order….in fact things haven’t much changed!). I do quite like this book, the illustrations are really lovely and pretty and it’s a sweet story.

Daddy however isn’t such a fan of this book. In his opinion it’s unnecessarily girlie and a missed opportunity to appeal to a wider audience, he felt the sentiment of the book is well meant but difficult to follow for the target age group.

Overall 7.5/10

Mine! had us a bit divided in this household. It is no doubt a lovely book and no arguing how sweet the illustrations are…it’s maybe not so appealing for our house full of boys but I can think of a few little girls who would enjoy it.

Mine book review: Collage

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