Book review: Disney 365 stories for boys

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Disney 365 Stories for Boys Review - Frontcover
Disney 365 Stories for Boys Review – Frontcover

“Can you spend quality time with your children and save cash at the same time?”

This is the question we have been asked by The Works who are looking to promote the benefits of reading books over watching screens.

And the answer is:

“Of course, you can!”

Books play a big part of my children’s life, and I couldn’t imagine a household where they don’t – whatever walk of life.  I think many parents find themselves occasionally using the reliable ol’ babysitter that is television – which serves its purpose, but I don’t think anyone would argue that there is anything more cosy than curling up on the sofa with your little ones and reading a good book.

I was fortunate enough to have a father who loved to read to me as a child, and every evening my sister and I would get a bedtime story to wind us down for the night. This is a tradition we automatically enforced when we had our first bub, and something we did from a very young age to try and establish some kind of a routine.

So, when a new book enters our household there is generally a whole lot of excitement and squabbling between my two eldest boys,  Bean (4) and  Roo (nearly 2). Disney 365 Stories for Boys was no exception.

A hard back book with a story for every day of the year, beautifully presented with the date marked at the top of each page. Nicely, the stories correspond to the time and holidays throughout the year.

All the favourites are here too; I was happy to see the likes of Bambi and the Fox & the Hound, the ones I was fond of when I was a kid. Bean and Roo excitedly spotted all the characters they recognised from the movies they’ve watched.

“Mama! Mama! It’s really good! It’s even got Robin Hood in it!!”

Disney 365 Stories for Children: Nose in a book
Disney 365 Stories for Children: Nose in a book

The kid’s view (8/10)

It has been quite a hit with my boys, and has been requested for bedtime reading the last few nights running. They ask for the days story and then choose another at random or by character. It has also captured Beans interest enough for him to sit ‘reading’ it alone – flicking through the pages, spotting familiar faces.

I tried to move it off the sofa only to have Roo snatch it off me;

“My Book! My Doggy!”

He grumped whilst sitting down to look at one of the Lady & the Tramp stories. Even Granny got it thrust at her when she babysat one afternoon!

My view (6/10)

The readability of the stories are at times rather awkward. The tone isn’t necessarily suited to the age of the reader/listener to which its aimed, and at times they drag on a bit. We found that unless you are familiar with the movie on which the story is based, it is tricky to get the gist of what is going on. And there isn’t enough pictures – it’s hard to read a story when the audience keeps trying to turn the page to find another picture!

Overall 7/10

With a book like this there is no excuse not to have time to sit down and read with your child. Each story only takes five minutes, so you can spend as much time as you have flicking through it together. Its a lovely lay-out, and would make a sweet gift that would last a good few years.

(Have to laugh, as whilst I attempt to write this review Roo is thrusting the book at me, demanding ‘read book, read book..’! And here I am staring at a screen!)

Disney 365 Stories for Children Review; Nothing like sharing a book
Disney 365 Stories for Children Review; Nothing like sharing a book

Have you read this book; what do you think of it – do let us know below.

We were provided the book for the purpose of review. All opinions are our own.


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