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Valentine’s Day Jokes

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It’s lovely to bring a smile to your loved one’s faces on a daily basis, and we definitely think that should be the aim. But why not do something special to make them chuckle with some Valentine’s Day jokes? We wanted to bring you something to help you do so, which is why we have these cute Valentine’s jokes printables for you!

Valentine's Day Jokes

These printables are so cute and they are absolutely perfect for your to pop into your kids’ lunchboxes to brighten up their day (or even in your significant other’s packed lunch bag!).

If your kids are homeschooling, don’t worry we know you’ll find loads of other ways to use them.

So, how can you use them?

Before we get to that we wanted to show you what you’d be getting. These colourful and oh so sweet cards are perfect little ways to show your love and appreciation to those around you all in a lighthearted and cheeky way.

Our Valentine’s jokes cards

That’s only the beginning! We don’t have one, we have two sheets full of Valentine’s day joke cards for you to print.

Here’s the second page:

How your kids can use the Valentine’s jokes cards:

  • Pop them in siblings lunchboxes,
  • Put a joke card in a parent’s work bag,
  • Post them to family members as a Valentine’s card,
  • Share the jokes in the lead up to Valentine’s day,
  • Send them in the post to classmates from school,
  • Use them so your kids can give the family a stand-up comedy routine,
  • Leave one on your kids keyboard to read before homeschooling and start the day with smile,
  • Have a little “try not to laugh” game as a family and take turns telling the jokes, or
  • Why not leave them throughout the house “just because” …

The cards are sure to bring a smile to your kids faces and will certainly give them a chuckle!

We hope you enjoy them and use them to spread joy!

<< To get the printable Valentine’s jokes cards, just click on the circular image below >>

Valentine's Day jokes Printable

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