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Rainbow birthday party: All you need to plan one

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Are you, like us, into rainbow, colours, alongside the kids-related (!) chaos? If you are, then you are possibly thinking about throwing a rainbow birthday party. Perhaps you don’t actually have kids, and just LOVE rainbows? You might be considering throwing a party for Pride, and you need the accessories to match? Whatever the reasons for the rainbows in your life, let’s celebrate them with a fabulous, big bash with colours, and chaos to match the gorgeous-ness of those rainbows, right?

We’ve got a huge and FREE 25-page kit for you to bring rainbows into your houses. We have managed to create TWO themes for you, one with a quieter pastel feel and the other, bright and bold.

Whether you want a rainbow birthday party to be flamboyant, or you need something with less ink, and in-your-face-ness; we really hope these printables make your day.

How to throw a rainbow birthday party, or any rainbow party

In order to make sure you party goes as it should, you need ALL the accessories to make the day FULL of rainbows. We have you sorted for the printables for your rainbow, but what about some of the other ideas that you will need on the day? Well, how about the following to make sure you have everything you need?

  • Rainbow cake: This recipe from Simply Recipes is a great way to start – a layered rainbow cake, that we would struggle with, but I bet you can all do soooo easily,
  • Rainbow coloring: We have this covered on KiddyCharts, with some ideas from the amazing Rainbow book from one of our favourite authors. The Rainbow Blots book has rainbow coloring pages within its activity pack, so go check out the book and the activities,
  • Rainbow activities: Again, we have some ideas for these on KiddyCharts, including a sensory rainbow activity, an exploding rainbow, a simple rainbow craft, a rainbow sorting activity and rainbow slime.
  • Rainbow party kit: Just download what we have below, which includes rainbow birthday party invitations, Rainbow party hats, Rainbow bunting, water bottle labels, and even rainbow cupcake toppers, and rainbow cake toppers!

We think that’s pretty much everything you need to make sure your rainbow birthday party goes as you want it to. All you need now, is the chance to see what our rainbow party kit actually includes.

Take a sneak peak at the rainbow party kit

We have two different sets for you in our activity pack, as we have already mentioned, one pastel and one bright and bold:

For all the designs, we are showing the pastel on the left and the bolder version on the right for you. You can take your pick as to which set you want to use, or alternatively, mix and match depending on your rainbow mood. 😂

Rainbow party invitations

These are all oval shaped, so you can either share as postcards, cutting them out as quarters, or cut out the oval and share them with your attendees as a shaped invite.

Cake toppers

We’ve let you know where you can get what we think is an awesome cake for your party, but if you aren’t happy with that, how about these other rainbow cake ideas? Whatever cake you decide on, there is a free rainbow cake topper in the printables set below.

Cupcake / dessert toppers

Who doesn’t love a cupcake? So whether your rainbow birthday party has cupcakes as the main cake, or you just have a few or some desserts to give to your party goers – why not print these out and add them to the cakes for a more rainbow feel to the day?

Popcorn box

Clearly, any party won’t be complete without a spot of popcorn, so we’ve got the boxes for you as well. Print them out on any sized paper, bigger or smaller depending on how much you want to give out to the attendees.

Party hats

We have a staggering eight designs for the party hats – so go wild and print as many and make them as you like. We do prefer the bold party hats, but it really is a matter of personal choice on these as always.

Rainbow party bunting

The beauty of the bunting is that it is really easy to mix and match this with the two themes – decide which you prefer, and print out as many as you need to decorate the house, or the tables you are having at the party.

Water bottle labels

If you are giving out water bottles on the day – how about adding one of these labels to them? Alternatively, you can put them on the outside of paper cups, or fix them to paper hats / crowns.

It’s your party, and you can do what you want too!

Remember, everything you see here is NOT to be reproduced and download for other sites, give us credit where it is due. It is free, and we do need the revenue that we generate from views, so make sure you link to this article, and not the PDF.

If you want to download this – you can do now – it is available if you click on the button below. Not, this file is over 42MB, so make sure you are connected to WiFi when you download it. It’s a very rich, free file:

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We really, really hope that you like this article and you come back again soon, we’d love to have you.

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