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Adorable printable jungle nursery mobile

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If you or your friends are expecting a new family member we’ve got a lovely printable jungle nursery mobile for you to print and assemble.

Adorable Printable Jungle Nursery Mobile

Mobile work brilliant in a nursery, they give babies something fun to look at and to interact with. Can you even imagine a nursery without one? So this free nursery mobile printable truly makes a wonderful gift to yourself, or to someone else who’s expecting, wouldn’t you agree?

As this lovely mobile is jungle themed it will be a nice addition to the nursery for both baby boys and baby girls.

Printable jungle nursery mobile

To assemble this free printable jungle nursery mobile, print the first page, or both pages if you want more fruit on your tree and a larger mobile. Cut along the grey outlines to cut out all the shapes that we have:

  • Tree,
  • Monkey head,
  • Bananas,
  • Pineapples, and
  • Oranges.

    Hang the fruits and monkey head on the tree (you can either use string or wire, as long as you baby proof the mobile). Hang the whole mobile to the ceiling, or wherever you see fit and enjoy your adorable little jungle nursery mobile.

    Printable jungle nursery mobile

    We do recommend you print this mobile onto heavier paper, or even better to laminate it once you print it, to make it more durable (and shiny if you decide to laminate).

    Isn’t it lovely?

    We do hope the little one who will receive this mobile will have many fun hours with it and that this mobile will be there to witness the baby’s first words, giggles and more.

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      Happy printing!

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