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25 magical Harry Potter activities for wizards everywhere

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You don’t have to travel to Hogwarts to become a wizard, the first steps to becoming a wizard just like Harry Potter can be done in the comfort of your home with the help of one of these Harry Potter activities and printables for kids.

25 Magical Harry Potter Activities for kids

1. Five HP essentials to make new parents lives easier from KiddyCharts

2. If your little ones want to become wizards they will need their wands, make these magical wands from Red Ted Art. (pictured middle and top on the square image)

3. Make your own magic wand  for Harry Potter from Kitchen Counter Chronicle

4. You can’t really be a wizard if you don’t have your own flying broom so make a Nimbus 2000 from Instructables

5. Another awesome tutorial on how to make awesome wands from Sisters What

6. On a budget Potter themed party in the forbidden forest from Creekside Learning

7. How to make a magical Harry Potter boy’s birthday party from Spaceships and Laser Beams (pictured top left)

8. How to make a scary Monster Book of Monsters from See Vanessa Craft (pictured top right)

9. Tutorial on building a magic pensieve from Instructables

10. Grab this would you rather free printable game from Get Away Today

11. Get started with this awesome potions class experiments from Imagination Soup

12. DIY Harry Potter sorting hat from Practically Functional (pictured bottom left and bottom left on square image)

Harry Potter Roundup

13. Make a Harry Potter inspired spell book Hello Paper Moon

14. This is the easiest way to make pretty magic wands from Boxy Colonial

15. How to easily make a potion from Scrapbook

16. Make a little monster book from Instructables

17. Grab these free Harry Potter inspired bottle label printables from Over the big moon

18. DIY dragon book would a great gift for Potter lover from Bascombe Mania

19. No-sew Harry Potter robes costume tutorial from Fairfield World

20. This beautiful hour glass would be a perfect for a home decoration from Harry Potter Party Ideas

21. Make these yummy and easy to make Hedwig owl cupcakes for a party from Red Ted Art (pictured bottom right and bottom right on square image)

22. Another one of the wonderful Harry Potter activities is a book themed birthday party tutorial from Spaceships and Laser Beams

23. This is how you throw a huge and amazing Potter themed party from Eating Bender

24. Free printable Harry Potter butterbeer labels from The Benson Street

25. Harry, Ron, and Hermione clothespins DIY from Tried and True Blog is the last of our Harry Potter activities; but one of the best!

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