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Win the chance to present the Premier League Football Trophy with Barclays

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Barclays has been synonymous with Football in the UK for 15 years as headline sponsor of the Premier League. My little boy is currently wishing so very, very hard that his team, Tottenham, can overhaul the Leicester City lead and finally get their hands on the most coveted prize in football; the Premier League title.

But, little does he know that there is a chance that some of us really could get our hands on that trophy, by taking part in yet another wonderful initiative from Barclays, a competition to win the chance to present the Barclays Premier League trophy.

Yes – you heard right, all you need to do is…

Click here to WIN the chance to present to Premier League Trophy to the winning team captain

…thanks to Barclays.

Win the chance to present the Barclays Premier League Trophy | Barclays

The competition is open to everyone who is over eighteen, and all you need to do is provide a few details, and the reason WHY you could be handing the trophy over.

Rachel Key won this opportunity last year, and you can see her doing it below – she got to shake John Terry by the hand….

Ian Wright launches competition to present Barclays Premier League trophy | Barclays

This isn’t the only opportunity to win football experiences with Barclays either.

They also have tickets for Barclays Premier League matches to give away, as well as the chance to be involved with playing on the pitch experiences and club mascots if you are a Barclays customer. So nip along to their competition site, and see which football experience works for you and your family.

My boy will continue to dream of sitting with his idols in the Tottenham dressing room. Players like Harry Kane, and Dele Alli whom we hope, with support from us all, Barclays included, may bring a little bit of footballing joy to the country over the summer.

Barclays are offering the chance for one lucky fan to win the chance to present the Premier League trophy to the winning captain, and for many others to win tickets to games across the country. Why not take part now?

In fact, here’s another film from Barclays where they arranged for another young fan to do just that – meet her idol Harry Kane; just like m wee boy would like to too!

Harry Kane's Premier League Memories | Spirit of the Game | Barclays

For all the competition rules, please do visit the terms and conditions section within the Barclays website. This includes closing dates, and general eligibility rules for all the competitions that Barclays run in UK football.

So why wait any longer, give yourself, and your family the chance to take part in some more Barclays footballing history this season, and enter to win a football experience that will live long in your memories!

Good luck everyone.

This is a sponsored post, but you can see that my kids dreams are very much, honest. Thanks for the footballing support, Barclays.

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Jonathan Holt

Thursday 28th of April 2016

As an Oldham Athletic fan of over 40 years, with my Great Grandma washing the kit, Grandad owning shares and me painting the ground and working behind the bar when I was younger, I rarely had the chance to see my team play in the top flight, (just a few years in the 90's) and NEVER witnessed the Premier League (or division 1) trophy. It would be great to take my son to an event like this, (he's a Chelsea and now also Leicester a bit fan). I am a teacher and coach an Under 12 Football coach (Sporting 87), I have my FA level 1 badge and am a football nut.

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