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Baby milestone cards for the perfect baby photo

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Have you welcomed a new member to your family and would like to make perfect baby photos – well look no further! Today we are sharing a lovely set of baby milestone cards for the perfect baby photo; there’s one for every occasion, from the 1st bath to celebrating holidays.

Click on any image below to download and print your own Baby milestone cards!

Free Baby Milestone Cards for the Perfect Baby Photo

We all celebrate our milestones, but nothing can really compare to the milestones of a baby boy or a baby girl. From the day they take their first bath, to the day they get their first tooth and even celebrating their first holiday.

We all love to snap gorgeous photos of our kids – and to help capture these milestones, we have these lovely milestone cards you can print and use when you take your photos. Just print them out on a piece of card, write the date of the important event on the card, and then snap a photo.

We’ve got;

  • One Week Old, Two Week, Thre Week, One Month and up to 1 Year,
  • Today I had my 1st Bottle,
  • Today I ate solid foods for the first time,
  • My first bath,
  • Today I met My Big Brother/Sister,
  • Today I met my Granny/Granddad for the first time,
  • Today I said Dada/Mama for the first time,
  • Today I gave Mummy a Lie in for the first time,
  • Today I walked for the first time,
  • Today I rolled over for the first time,
  • Today I sat up on my own for the first time,
  • Today I smiled for the first time,
  • Today I chuckled for the first time,
  • Today I got my first tooth,
  • My first Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, and finally
  • Blank cards to come up with your own milestones, we are quite sure there will be many more joyous milestones to take photos of.


Baby Milestone Cards for the Perfect Baby Photo

swim tooth

mothers fathers


christmas easter

bottle big brother

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We hope you love these Baby Milestone cards, which will make those photos even more special. If you like these printables, then do check out the others on the site, and sign up to our newsletter as well. We have new printables for free every single week for you all.

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    We hope you like this. We would love to see you again. Happy photographing!

    Anna marir

    Saturday 1st of October 2016

    Oh my god I love these cards, there the ones I was looking for. Can they be bought r Is it all to be down loaded? Can't seem to click on the link. Can u send it to Me on email so I can print them off unless I can buy them?

    Sana Khan

    Thursday 19th of May 2016

    I like your post very much Very well explained and it was very helpful Thanks.


    Monday 2nd of May 2016

    lovely baby milestone cards.i will use these for my upcomming baby.

    Mp3 Man

    Thursday 28th of April 2016

    I love these Baby Milestone cards !!

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