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“My mum is” free activity sheet

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Mums are so important no matter how old you are. But we all know that there’s nothing more special than when the kids show Mum the love and appreciation that she earns day in and day out. Which is why today we have a lovely free activity sheet for your kids to fill out and give to mum for Mother’s Day! Or anytime she needs some cheering up or to be shown she is loved and appreciated.

"My mum is" free activity sheet

Let’s take a look at the printables that we have for you today.

My mum is …

Our printable was created as a writing prompt for kids to share their thoughts and opinions on Mum. The printable allows children to let Mum know why she is loved and what makes her so special. There is also a place for a photo of the child and their mum, which makes this a lovely keepsake as you can do this annually, or anytime, really.

Free activity sheet

I love mum because …

  • She gives the best,
  • She cooks,
  • She showers me with,
  • She makes me,
  • She makes me feel better by,
  • She always helps me with,
  • She teaches me to,
  • She always tells me,
  • She always _________ before I sleep, and
  • She never.

These lovely prompts are sure to inspire any child to share just how special mum is to them.

As we know that our readership spans far and wide, we had to share a printable version for our North American readers. Everything is still the same, except Mum becomes Mom, so the prompts are all as listed above.

Take a peek –

Mum free activity sheet

We hope that you enjoyed this printable sheet as much as we do and hope you have a lovely Mother’s Day!

<<< To get your own printable do click on the circular image below! >>>

My mum activity sheet

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Mom day sheet

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