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Gift idea for Mothers Day: Mothers to do list poem

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We know that it is wonderful being a mum, just sometimes it doesn’t quite feel like it. There is also so, so much TO DO. We therefore have a wonderful gift idea for Mothers Day for all those amazing mums out there.

gift idea for mothers day

Sometimes we just need a little reminder of how important life is as a mum, and that actually, just being with our kids is enough on the To Do List.

What should be on Mum’s To Do List?

First Rhyme Mom (affiliate link) is a book that features poetry – 40 in fact – that help show us just what mum is being all about. Our final poetry share from the book, to go alongside the Mothers Day poem we shared with you previously, is all about that To Do List.

It remind us to stop – and just be present with our little ones. In fact, the most important thing on anyone’s to do list as a parent, is to spend a little time with our little ones.

Or indeed – our bigger ones…

gift idea for mothers day

There is almost always so much on a mums’ to do list from washing the bathroom sink, to cleaning the floors, and washing up. Sometimes we would do well to just give ourselves a break and remember that we really ARE enough, and actually all we need on our To Do list is to spend time with our little ones.

Then job done.

This poem printable would make a lovely Mother’s Day gift from a partner or a child to remind them that actually they don’t have to do all of those things to be the perfect mum. 😍 Just being mum is perfect enough.

We hope you like this as an idea for a mothers day gift – if you do, we would love to see you explore some of the other parts of the site too for other ideas perhaps for the future, or to complement this one?

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Friday 14th of February 2020

These are great gift ideas. Mother's Day is like Christmas day for mothers.


Friday 14th of February 2020

Printables are fun. I like that you are thinking ahead.

Margaret | Live Like No One Else

Thursday 13th of February 2020

I love what you wrote that just being with our kids and our family is enough on our to do list. Mom's have so much guilt and an endless amount on the to do list. But just being there with our families is enough. Love this!!


Thursday 13th of February 2020

I love the printable, so cute! Not forgetting about your loved ones, especially moms is important on valentines day!


Thursday 13th of February 2020

Mother's Day is the Christmas Day for moms. It's the day when moms are truly the queens so we should all prepare for it.

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