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Learning numbers with fruit number flashcards

We have a special treat for you today on the site to help little ones with learning numbers. We have ten gorgeous flash cards for you all to use to assist children in recognising numbers, and with their numeracy skills.

Learning Numbers with Fruit Number Flashcards

This is part of an event with a few lovely sites that have put together some activities for kids around a fruit theme. Why not take a look at some of the other activities as well as this one on KiddyCharts?


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Learning Numbers With Fruit Flashcards / Placements // KiddyCharts
(This article of course!)

Pom Pom Mats // Fairy Poppins

Colors of Fruit Poem // Little Learning Corner

Sentence Scramble // Sarah Chesworth

Pineapple Sight Word Game // The Primary Post

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Syllable Activities // Fairy Poppins

BEFORE you check them out though, don’t forget to download the resources that we have here for you. These can be used as number flashcards, of course, to help with learning numbers.

In addition, though, there are a couple of other ways you might be able to use these sheets with your children including:

  • Posters for the wall, or the classroom just to remind, or even brighten up the room,
  • Playdough mats: Using them as a playdough mat is a great way to explore numbers in a sensory fashion. Cover them with a laminator, and then kids can use the outlines of both the fruit and the numbers to create these items in playdough, over the top of the pictures. They act as guides for them in moulding the shapes of the numbers and the fruit. Older children are likely able to do this on their own, but younger kids are able to give it a go with support, and
  • Placemats: Laminate these again, and you will have the perfect playmats or placemats for kids. Placemats that help them a little with learning numbers too. That’s got to be a win: win, right?

You probably want to know what fruit are on all the mats / flashcards. So here are the images for you to help out.

Numbers 1 to 5: Learning numbers flash cards

Images for the first 5 number flashcards include:

  • One pineapple,
  • Two cherries,
  • Three apples,
  • Four tomatoes, and
  • Five bunches of grapes.

You can print out two sets of these, cut out the fruit and get the kids to match them up, as well as using them for sight recognition and the other activities that we suggested above.

Scroll down to the circular image to get the PDFs, and you can then print on the relevant page. They are high enough resolution for you to print on A3 if you need to. Any problems, do contact us.

Numbers 6 – 10: Numeracy cards for kids

For number 6 to 10, we have:

  • Six strawberries,
  • Seven pears,
  • Eight lemons,
  • Nine aubergines, and
  • Ten bananas.

We hope you like these as much as we do.

To get them, just click the circular image below.

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Learning Number Flashcards

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Felicity Williams

Wednesday 3rd of February 2021

These flashcards are amazing. So eyecatching and colourful x

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