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iSpy printable: Sweets and candy themed

We LOVE iSpy printables on KiddyCharts; they are such fun for the kids, and so easy to use to help with numeracy. The kids don’t even know they are learning. iSpy also teaches kids matching skills too, which is another great learning exercise for them as well. Today, we have a sweets and candy themed iSpy for you. Clearly, we aren’t encouraging kids to eat sweets all the time – this is just a fun activity for them to have a go out. It is actual a good game for a Halloween iSpy too; with a bit of a trick or treat theme. You could even use it as an alternative to trick or treating if you wanted to, given the iSpy even comes with its own little sweet bag.

This is a collaborative post.

We are actually a bit “naughty” here on KiddyCharts, as we are big fans of pick and mix, sweet hampers, and vintage sweets generally. This is probably one of the reasons why we’ve done this for the kids, but we hope you like the idea nonetheless. It is a really simple concept for them, and ispy games are proven to improve loads of key skills for kids too, including visual learning, and memory.

iSpy Printable: How to use it

Here is a sneak peak of the printable for you.

We have a few different types of sweets included within the first page:

  • Red boiled sweet,
  • Blue boiled sweet,
  • Swirly lolly,
  • Flumps (my favourite!)
  • Chocolate sprinkles button, and
  • Chocolate bars.

They are contained in their own sweet bag for you in fact – just for a little extra fun!

In the second page, you have the images of all the sweets included within the bag and a green box next to those images.

All the children need to do, is look within the bag at the first sheet, and count the number of sweets that there are, placing the number they think in the second sheet. You can then check with them, of course, that they have got it all right.

Just so you know, the numbers of the different sweets are as follows:

  • Red boiled sweet – 7
  • Blue boiled sweet – 6
  • Swirly lolly – 2
  • Flumps (my favourite!) – 4
  • Chocolate sprinkles button – 10
  • Chocolate bars – 4.

We hope you can find them all – it should be simple for children to do from age 3 up to 6/7 depending on their numeracy skills.

We are giving you a fabulous BONUS sheet with this printable as well. It’s an empty sweets bag, and we think that it would be wonderful to get your children to design their own sweet/candy?

What do YOU think to that? Some ideas for this might be:

  • Design a sweet with a theme – perhaps the perfect Halloween sweet / candy,
  • Design a sweet and THEN use that sweet as a writing prompt for the kids to write a story if they are old enough? Perhaps the sweet is magical? Perhaps there is a special story behind the sweet, and it was given to somebody because of something really important. The kids decide, and finally
  • Older children can make their own iSpy game, it can be sweets or candy, but it could be anything that might come in a bag. So perhaps fruit and veg from a stall, or beads, or different coloured star stickers. As with all of these open-ended ideas, you can let the kids run with it and see what happens.

We really hope that you like this printable for your kids, and/or the classroom. Another classic free one from KiddyCharts of course. Do check out the other free resources we have on the site, but also visit our premium printable section too. If you join our Time to Pee club, you will be able to access a number of free exclusive printables, as well as getting money off in our shop.

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