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iSpy activity for Easter fun #31daysofactivities

Today in 31 days of activities, we have a lovely little iSpy activity for Easter for you. This time, Super Busy Mum has provided this for us, to help keep your little ones busy, and perhaps thinking a little less about chocolate!


With Easter coming up, we have this super cute iSpy Easter printable which is free for you to download and enjoy. This printable is the perfect way to get your kids away from screens and focused on the world around them.

This printable is full of cute bunnies, baskets and more to find and count. Fun & educational – my kind of printable!

Take a look at the printable before you download it, and you’ll agree it’s very cute!

We love printing out an i-spy sheet and taking it out with us on our walks to see what fun bits we can find.

iSpy Easter fun activity

One of the fun things about this sheet is that you can use it as you wish! From doing what we do, and taking out with you on walks or why not just print it out and complete it with your children at home. See how many of the items on the list you can find in your house.

Or, you could even carve some time for your self! Leave your child to complete it in peace {enjoy a cup of tea as they do perhaps!}. If you want to try it out together why not print off two and have a race! The first one to complete the free iSpy Easter printable wins the title of Easter Champion and can win a little prize perhaps. You can do this with your kids or just be the referee as your kids complete this challenge against each other or even in teams.

Anyone for some chocolate?

Why not get the whole family involved and seek out the true Easter Champion within your ranks!

To download the printable just click on the circular image below.

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iSpy activity for Easter fun

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Deborah is a Wife and Mum to five, living in Northern Ireland. She loves adventures with her gang, baking, online gaming and creating printables that children and adults alike, can love and enjoy!

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