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How to make a paper monster with Monstrous Me collection

We have a treat for you today. We are sharing with you how to make a paper monster in celebration of the release of a new book within the Monstrous Me collection; My Daddy is a Monster. There are a few different paper monsters to choose from to make with your kids, so there is definitely a monster for everyone!

The Monstrous Me collection at the Lollipop Lodge store was written by Natalie Reeves Billing, and it is a collection of books for kids with a major twist:

The books are written from two perspectives; the parent AND the child’s.

My Daddy is a Monster

This is a wonderful concept for children, and it is extremely important for kids to learn to see things from another perspective. This is precisely what My Daddy is a Monster is all about.

The same story is told from two different perspectives, which really helps children to understand how a single situation can actually be seen in a totally different way depending on who you are. The series is well worth checking out, not least because alongside reading the books, you can also do this crafting activity.


The items you need for this are, as always with out site, really simple:

  • Scissors,
  • Glue
  • Templates: scroll down to the end of this post to download the templates that you need. Just click on the circular image at the end,
  • Patience, and
  • Why not grab a copy of the My Daddy is a Monster book as well?
1. Cut around the monster shapes

Carefully cut around the shapes on the templates. This can be a little difficult to do, so it might be wise to help your children with this a little bit. Natalie advises that if kid struggle to cut them out, then the best thing to do is to leave white space around them, and get an adult to help finish them.

2. Create your monster’s head

Take the head of the monster that you have cut out, and then locate the dotted lines on the template. Carefully fold along these lines to create your square head. Then fold the black tabs down. Make sure that you are as exact as you can be.

3. Stick your tabs together to shape the head….

Add a very small amount of glue to your spatula, and pop a small layer of glue onto the black tabs on the monster’s head. Hold it down for about 40 seconds. Glue it and hold in the sections as advised; don’t try and do all the tabs at once.

4. …then your monster head is completed!

It should look a little like this when it is ready….

5. Start making the body for your monster

Just as with the head, we need to fold along the dotted lines, fold down the black tabs, apply a small amount of glue to them, and stick them together. Each time applying a little bit of pressure until the body is complete. Make sure you are gentle each time, so that the body stays together, but doesn’t get damaged.

6. Add your feet

Cut out the feet, and then add a small amount of glue to them to add them to the body.

7. Add your monster arms

Cut out the arms for your monster, and located the L and the R arms. Bend down the tabs with the L and R letters on them. Glue to the monster body as we show in these pictures below. As always, keep them in place until they are set.

8. Add the head to your monster body

Now you need to give your monster a head! Just apply a little glue to the neck of your monster, and pop the head on. Apply a little pressure to the body and the head to push it down, and secure it into place. Make sure that you don’t get over excited and move the monster for 5-10 minutes.

9. Make and add your monster’s tail

Cut out the tail from the templates, add glue to the white section of the tail. If you aren’t sure on this, take a look at the first picture below; this shows you where to apply the glue. This creates your bushy tail. Slap the edges and apply some more glue, and stick to the body of your monster. Look for the “T” mark to see where you have to add the tail. This could feel a bit strange, but bear with us. Apply pressure until it is dry, and curl the tail so it is out of the way of the head.

10. Your monster is complete!

Leave the monster to dry, and you are ready to play with him, read the My Daddy is a Monster book, and add to your collection of friends with the other templates that we are offering to your courtesy of Lollipop Lodge!

How to make a paper monster template

To download the template, just click on the circular image below – and it is YOURS!

Thanks so much for coming to see us today and taking a look at this how to make a paper monster craft. We hope that you enjoy doing it, and let us know how you get on. Enjoy the My Daddy is a Monster book too!

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