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Flower craft for kids: Dancing floral printable #31daysofactivities

Are you looking for a fuss-free and easy craft activity to do with your children? We’ve got you covered. Lucy from Real Mum Review is sharing an idea with us on #31daysofactivities. This is a great spring or summer craft for your kids to do. It really is the perfect flower craft for kids; as it keeps them busy, and get them creative too!

Spring is one of my absolute favourite times of year. The clocks have gone back, the days are longer, the evenings are brighter and we finally start to see the arrival of some colour – from bright beautiful blossoms to vivid yellow daffodils and white snowdrops breaking through the surface of the green grass.

We love heading off on Spring walks with the girls, and they love to pick up any dropped or discarded florals as we explore our natural surroundings.

Whilst it’s really important not to pick flowers (and keep them out there in the wild for everyone else to enjoy), you can create some really beautiful artwork using fallen petals or even shop-bought flowers at home.
Using our template from clicking on the button below, here’s a quick and easy craft idea to help create some adorable Spring floral dancers at home with your children.


To create this flower craft for kids you will need:

  • Pritt stick or glue,
  • Sheets of Paper,
  • A printer (to download and print our handy template),
  • A selection of petals leaves, feathers or natural materials found on your walks to help bring your dancers to life, and
  • You may also want to use scissors to trim or shape your materials.

Our nature walk

Entertaining children is always much easier when the weather improves and we really enjoy getting outside in the great outdoors. As well as this craft activity being a fun source of entertainment, the nature walk can be really enjoyable too, exploring the woods to see what Spring themed items you can find and popping them into a little bag to take home.

Neve really enjoyed skipping round our local woods with her little bag of treasure, looking out specifically for items that would add some colour and texture to her creations. Here’s what we found on our travels:

  • Feathers
  • Dandilions
  • Daisies
  • Fallen blossom
  • Brown, yellow and green leaves

Creating your floral dancers for your flower craft

When we got back home, it was time to bring our floral dancers to life.

First, we printed off the templates (they work best printed in colour) before laying out all of our Spring themed ‘treasure’ that we had to choose from.

Neve loved arranging her spring florals onto her dancers to create their skirts and dresses, laying them out to create the prettiest outfits she could before gluing them securely into place. We even added little headbands and headdresses using feathers and smaller petals.

The finished look

The impact is pretty impressive and requires such little effort! Unlike some craft activities which can be a little on the messy side, this requires very little in terms of cleaning up too, which is always a real positive for parents! I love how bright and colourful the floral dresses look, and I am sure you will agree that their new outfits look stunning!

What dresses can you create with your children? We’d love to see your finished floral designs!

Your download is here

We have popped the download here for you – just click on the button below and it is yours as a PDF:

Here is a sneak peak at it as well:

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