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Summer holidays word search printable #31daysofactivities

Today we have a fantastic printable activity for you all in our #31daysofactivities event – a summer holidays word search for kids from Rebecca at Futures.

With Summer approaching and plenty of holidays coming up, this summer holidays printable is a fabulous activity for children. The summer holidays mean many different things to different people but included within this word search are some words that everyone can relate to.

There are twelve different words to find, all relating to summer holidays in some way. Can you find them all?

This kids word search activity is great for keeping minds active when taking some time out to relax. Summer can be a busy time and it can seem like we are always on the move. Sometimes children benefit from sitting down and doing activities that use their brain and this Summer holidays wordsearch is a great way to exercise your brain. A word search can be really beneficial and educational as they help with spelling and word recognition too!

What words are included in this kids word search activity?

There are twelve words included in this wordsearch activity, all relating to summer holidays in some way – whether that be going on an actual holiday or other things children might get up to during the summer holidays.

These provide great discussion opportunities with your children too – you can ask them what you would use certain things for or where you can expect to find them and perhaps even ask how they relate to the Summer Holidays topic.

Solving the word search

The words will appear in a straight line in the grid – cross the words off of the list as you find them This wordsearch printable has words appearing:

  • Forwards
  • Backwards
  • Horizontally
  • Vertically

For this kids wordsearch activity, the words do not overlap and cannot be found diagonally which makes it easier for younger children taking part. This activity is great for children of all ages and will keep them occupied for quite some time – plenty of time to grab a cuppa and a biscuit!

The printable also includes an answer sheet so if you and your children are finding a particular word hard to find, you can look it up on the answer sheet to find out where it was all along!

What does the summer holidays word search look like?

Below are the word search printables that we are including for you. As you can see, the first page is the word search, and the second includes the solution for you.

Don’t peak! 🤣

As you can see from the words within this – the level is for older primary, and possibly younger secondary, though they might find some of the shorter and easier words very fast!

Downloading your word search

Getting your hands on this wordsearch really couldn’t be any easier. All you need to do is click on the button below to download your printable in an A4 PDF format. There are two separate pages to the PDF – the word search itself and the answer sheet where each answer is highlighted a gold font instead of a black font.

We really hope you enjoy this fun summer holidays word search printable and that it gets you thinking about what you and your children will be getting up to over the holidays. What words do you most associate with summer?

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Hope to see you again on the site very soon!

This is a fabulous activity for the kids - get them learning and having fun with this summer holidays word search. Download for free now!

Rebecca is a mum of 2 from Hertfordshire. She loves blogging about days out, fun activities and things to do. Her loves include reading, crime shows and puzzles.

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Tuesday 10th of May 2022

What a fun idea! Going to bookmark this one for a rainy day! Thank you!

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