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Easy heart Valentine card for toddlers

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Today we have been making a simple Valentine card. Instead of buying a heart shaped stamp for my child to use I have used a cookie cutter which I already had in the cupboard. Want to make one too? Just follow this simple tutorial.

Adorable and easy heart Valentine card for toddlers

This Valentine card activity requires a steady hand for stamping so is a fun activity for helping to develop fine motor skills and coordination for toddlers. Not to mention it is fun.

To make this Valentine card you’ll need:
– Paper or card (any colour will do but we really love how the pink one turned out)
– Paint
– Heart shaped cookie cutter
– Pencil or pen for writing a message inside

To make it this is what we did:

1. Prepare all your material: get the paint ready and fold the card into half


2. Now comes the fun bit and use the cookie cutter to stamp hearts onto the front of the card. You could even use more colours.



3. Now write a message inside and you are ready to give it to someone! Such a wonderful Valentine card wouldn’t you agree?

Easy Heart Valentine Card for Toddlers to Have fun


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Cute and Easy Heart Valentine Card for Toddlers

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