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Coronavirus book for children to help you make it all easier to understand

It is with great pleasure that we share this amazing resources for kids on the Coronavirus today – courtesy of Nosy Crow, Axel Scheffler and Professor Graham Medley. The Coronavirus book for children has been released for free to help kids understand this coronavirus and covid-19 at this difficult time.

Coronavirus book for children free book

The book is totally free to download from the link above associated with the image or at the end of this article via the square picture.

It is a difficult time for the kids in our families – a time of uncertainty an confusion. It’s a bit like that for us adults as well, so anything that is going to help answer some of the questions that they have about Covid-19 and Coronavirus is going to be a good thing. It is a learning experience for us, as well as them, how we handle this.

This book, beautifully illustrated by one of our favourite people ever, Axel Schleffler (whom we all know for his amazing work with Julia Donaldson), an was created in conjunction with Professor Graham Medley, who is Professor of Infectious Disease Modelling, at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

The book covers the following areas:

What is coronavirus?

Kids don’t necessarily even understand what a virus is, so this book explains this clearly, and simply for their little minds. It even explains that there are lots of different kinds of Coronavirus out there, it is just this new one that causes Covid-19 that is a cause for concern.

How do you catch the coronavirus?

man with a facemask looking out the window

The explains in basic terms how you can pass the coronavirus on, so that kids understand it. It even uses cold weather to help them understand how you can see the droplets in our breath which can carry germs to others.

What happens if you catch the coronavirus?

This explains how for a period people feel OK and they don’t have the virus, but then they can fall ill with covid-19 until the antibodies help them fight the coronavirus off.

Why are people worried about catching the coronavirus?

Here the book summarises why the more elderly and vulnerable are more prone to become sicker with this coronavirus, and so why we have to be careful to protect them.

Is there a cure for coronavirus?


Obviously, we are all hoping that someone will find a cure for the coronavirus. Here, the Coronavirus book for children shows them how this is likely to happen, with research scientists working around the globe to tackle it.

Why are some places we normally go to closed?

Lockdown is a difficult concept for kids to understand, which is why the book explains this for children so that it is clearer what is happening; reducing their anxiety about the situation.

What’s it like to be at home all the time?

We are stuck at home at the moment, so what does that actually mean for kids? How does it make us all feel, and is it normal to feel like that?

What can I do to help?

parent and baby washing hands

A brilliant way to help kids within the book is to make them feel empowered because they CAN help ease the situation with the coronavirus. Simple illustrations show them how they can wash their hands, and stay at home, which means that less people will become sick.

What else can I do?

Children’s actions can improve things, but it is also important for them to know that their attitude has a positive effect on the situation too. The book explains how being kind can make a real difference to your family while you are with them, as well as parents if they are working.

What’s going to happen next?

Kids do sometimes have a fear of the un-known. And it is hard to alleviate their anxiety when we don’t know what is going to happen next, but the book does tackle this, even though it is a difficult subject.

We WILL be back with those we love as soon as we can, and the more we do to help, the sooner that will be. The book doesn’t sugar-coat the situation, but is realistic to help kids process things better.

This book is a wonderful free resources to help kids to understand Covid-19, and to feel a little better about the situation. It is also something worth popping into a time capsule about the situation too. As well as using afterwards, just as part of a history lesson or science lesson!

Coronavirus book for children

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Coronavirus book for children

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Carole Hardacre

Thursday 16th of April 2020

Nice book about ot

Baby advisor

Sunday 12th of April 2020

Very useful book for kids as well as adult too. This is how we can understand them what is Covid-19 and how we can stay safe. My kids will love it. Thanks and stay safe.

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