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20 original short Valentines Day poems: Includes free frames!

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love in all its forms, and what better way to express this than through the timeless art of poetry? If you are after a short poem as a great way to express yourself, you are in the right place. Whether you’re a parent helping your child craft the perfect Valentine’s card or looking to express your own feelings to your partner, these 20 short valentine poems offer a heartfelt way to convey love and affection.

You can give to your first love, a good friend, a best friend, a special person, your true love, or anyone that you feel deserves that special poem to express your thoughts too.

The essence of Valentine’s poetry

Valentine’s Day is not just about romantic love poems; it’s a day to celebrate all kinds of love – the love between parents and children, the love among friends, and, of course, the romantic love shared between partners. Poems have a unique way of capturing the essence of these relationships, offering a personal touch that goes beyond the usual gifts and greetings. We do, of course, have some of our own Valentine’s Day Card ideas, some complete with red hearts, that you can print for free and include these poems within. Why not add a little something to the day, and print one of them out to give you the best way of sharing your love with that special person? If you aren’t a romantic poems kind of person – we’ve done the leg work for you!

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The history of Valentines Day poetry

Valentine’s Day, celebrated on February 14th, has a long and varied history that intertwines with the art of poetry. Understanding its evolution can add depth and appreciation to the family celebrations of this special day and help to make a happy Valentine’s day

The origins of Valentine’s Day trace back to ancient Rome and early Christian traditions. It evolved from the Roman festival of Lupercalia, a celebration of fertility, and later became associated with St. Valentine, a Christian martyr. However, the romantic aspect of Valentine’s Day, particularly its connection to poetry, emerged much later.

The tradition of romantic poetry on Valentine’s Day can be largely attributed to Geoffrey Chaucer, the medieval English poet. His 14th-century poem “Parliament of Foules” is often cited as the first link between Valentine’s Day and the expression of romantic love, particularly through poetry. This idea quickly gained popularity across Europe.

Middle ages and Renaissance

This image features a heart-shaped pendant with intricate patterns on a beaded chain, laid across a manila folder and vintage books with floral fabric.

During the Middle Ages and Renaissance:

  • Nobles in England and France exchanged handwritten love notes, often in verse, as part of Valentine’s Day rituals. Thoughtful Valentine’s day poems became popular, with a beautiful love poem generating many a maiden’s Valentine smile 😂
  • Poetry became a popular medium for expressing love and admiration.

The Victorian era marked a significant change in the celebration of Valentine’s Day with the advent of mass-produced Valentine’s cards. These cards frequently featured poetic verses and were exchanged not just by lovers but also among friends and family members. This period solidified the connection between poetry and Valentine’s Day and made it a widespread family activity.

In modern times, the tradition of exchanging cards and poetic verses continues:

  • Contemporary Valentine’s poetry includes a range of styles and themes, reflecting the diversity of modern relationships.
  • Families often engage in creating handmade Valentine’s cards, incorporating poetry as a means of expressing affection.
  • Schools encourage children to write Valentine’s poems, fostering creativity and emotional expression.

Enter the digital age

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The digital age has further transformed how Valentine’s poetry is shared, we can share those little things more easily with the advent of social media and electronic greeting cards for our special valentine:

  • E-cards, social media, and text messages now serve as platforms for sharing poetic expressions of love.
  • This digital shift has made it easier for family members to connect and share their feelings, even across distances.

Valentine’s Day poetry has become a cherished family tradition for many:

  • Sharing poems strengthens family bonds and allows members to express love and appreciation.
  • Activities like family poetry readings and writing sessions have become popular ways to celebrate the day together.

In conclusion, the history of poetry on Valentine’s Day is a testament to the enduring nature of love and the timeless appeal of poetic expression. From its ancient origins to its modern-day digital expressions, Valentine’s poetry remains a central part of the celebration. For families, it offers a unique opportunity to come together, share heartfelt words, and create lasting memories.

We have put together 20 short Valentines Day poems for you to include in your Valentine’s cards to those that you love. Alternatively, just give the Valentines poems to them any time of year as a token of your affection for the special people in your life. We have a variety of poems for different occasions, or you can pick whichever ones you like best for whatever you are trying to achieve. Don’t forget to pick one of our handmade card ideas to give these sweet poems even more impact. The more personal touches, the more the warmth of love shines through!

1. For children to share with friends and family

These poems are perfect for kids of all ages to write in cards for their friends or family members. The imagery is simple yet evocative, capturing the innocence and purity of love as seen through a child’s eyes.

Hearts Entwined
Love’s tender whisper, softly heard,
In every beat, our hearts conferred.

Rose-Red Love
Amidst the roses, red and bright,
Our love blooms under the starry night.

2. For parents in same-sex relationships

Two joyful people embrace and share a kiss on the cheek. They wear colorful attire, sunglasses, and have tattoos, exuding a sense of celebration and happiness.

These poems celebrate the beauty and strength of the sweetest love in same-sex partnerships. They emphasise the joy and comfort found in the love shared between two people, regardless of gender.

Sweet Symphony
Your laugh, a melody so sweet,
Makes my heart skip a beat.

Endless Embrace
In your arms, time ceases to flow,
Love’s warmth in an endless glow.

3. For moms and dads to share with each other

Parents can use these poems to express their enduring, blooming love for each other. They’re a beautiful way to remind your partner of the romantic journey you’ve shared and the deep connection that continues to grow.

Moonlit Promises
Under the moon’s soft, silvery gaze,
Our love shines through the haze.

Gentle Kiss
A gentle kiss, a touch so kind,
A testament to love entwined.

4. Universal love poems for everyone

A small square piece of beige fabric with a red heart design is pinned by a wooden clothespin to a twine against a white background.

These poems are universal, suitable for anyone wishing to express their love. They capture the timelessness and vastness of love, making them perfect for a partner, a parent, a child, or a friend.

Stardust Wishes
In the night sky, stars align,
Echoing love that’s yours and mine.

Whispers of Dawn
At dawn’s first light, I see your face,
In your eyes, love’s eternal grace.

5. Poems for young hearts: Perfect for kids

These poems are ideal for children to share with classmates or family members. They’re simple, sweet, and capture the innocence of young love and friendship.

Ocean’s Depth
Deeper than the ocean’s blue,
Is my endless love for you.

Cherished Moments
In every moment, small or grand,
Our love grows, hand in hand.

6. Celebrating love in families

A child lies on a wooden floor, gazing upwards, with hands gently touching a large, folded red paper heart. The atmosphere is calm and contemplative.

These poems embrace the beauty of love in relationships, highlighting the shared experiences and emotions that bind partners together.

Sunrise Hues
Like sunrise hues of pink and gold,
Our love’s story, forever told.

Sweet Serenity
With you, my heart finds peace,
In love’s embrace, a sweet release.

7. For the romantic moments between parents

These are perfect for parents wanting to express their love and appreciation for each other. They reflect the deeper, enduring nature of their relationship.

Dream’s Whisper
In dreams, I hear your tender call,
Love’s whisper, the sweetest of all.

Butterfly Kisses
Soft as a butterfly’s gentle kiss,
Is the joy of love’s bliss.

8. Universal expressions of love

A person holds up the word "LOVE" written in black capital letters, against a white background with whimsical, black wall decals.

These poems are versatile and can be shared with anyone, conveying a message of universal love and connection.

Melody of Hearts
Our hearts sing a melody true,
In perfect harmony, me and you.

Twilight’s Promise
In the twilight, our love’s light shines,
A promise held in timeless lines.

9. Poems for friends and companions

These poems are great for expressing affection and appreciation for friends, reminding them of the special place they hold in our lives.

Love’s Lullaby
Your voice, a soothing lullaby,
Underneath the vast, starry sky.

Blossoming Affection
Like spring flowers in bloom,
Our love fills every room.

10. Poems of gratitude and appreciation

A weathered sign hanging from a lamp post with the handwritten message "Be Kind," accompanied by a small red heart drawing.

Perfect for expressing gratitude and deep appreciation, these poems can be shared with partners, parents, or friends, acknowledging the significant role they play in your life.

Eternal Bond
Together, through each season’s turn,
In love’s fire, forever burn.

Whimsical Dreams
In your smile, my heart takes flight,
On whimsical dreams, through the night.

The art of using poetry in Valentine’s Cards

Including a poem in a Valentine’s card can transform it from a simple greeting into a cherished keepsake. Here are some tips for parents and partners:

  1. Choose a poem that resonates: Select a poem that speaks to the nature of your relationship or the feelings you want to convey.
  2. Personalize it: Feel free to add a personal note or tweak the poem to make it more personal. Including a shared memory or an inside joke can add a special touch.
  3. Involve the kids: If you’re helping your child pick a poem for a card, let them choose one that they feel best expresses their feelings. You can also encourage them to write their own verses.
  4. Presentation matters: Write the poem in your own handwriting if possible, as this adds a personal and intimate touch. If your child is writing it, their handwriting will add charm and authenticity.
  5. Combine with a gift: If you’re giving a gift along with the card, try to find a connection between the poem and the gift for a cohesive and thoughtful presentation.

Of course – with our frames, you can use the poems above and present a personalised gift to your loved one! Print out the frames, write one of the poems that resonates with you from the above, and then buy a frame, and you have the perfect gift.

Unique and full of love. The kids can decorate the frames too, making them even more special.

What do my short valentines day poem frames look like?

These are the images that we have for you:

In order to download these, click on the button or the image below – and have fun with them this Valentine’s Day with whomever you choose to:

If you are looking for other ways to add a spot of poetry to your Valentine’s this year – do take a look at some of the other ideas below:

Beyond the card: Incorporating poetry in other ways on Valentine’s Day

Two people hold hands, showing "FOREVER" spelled with letter tiles. Both wear rings, suggesting a romantic connection, standing on grassy ground.

Using these poems in your Valentine’s Day celebrations adds a deeply personal and thoughtful touch to your expressions of love. Here are additional tips to enhance your poetic Valentine’s gestures:

  1. Create a Poetry Booklet: Compile a selection of these poems into a small booklet. This can be a special gift for your partner or a fun project for your kids to share with friends and family.
  2. Poetry Reading: Have a family poetry reading where each member reads their favourite poem from this list. It’s a fun and engaging way to celebrate Valentine’s Day together.
  3. Decorative Cards: Encourage your children to create handmade cards, incorporating these poems with their artwork. This activity not only fosters creativity but also teaches them the value of thoughtful gestures.
  4. A Poetic Surprise: Leave little notes with these poems in unexpected places – like in a lunchbox, on a car dashboard, or under a pillow – for a delightful surprise, and finally
  5. Create a framed momento: Use our frames to create a memento with your poem, handwritten on it. You can even involve the kids if you want by creating your own original poetry if you don’t like the 20 we have to choose from here!

Embracing love through poetry

This collection of 20 poems offers a diverse and inclusive way to celebrate the many facets of love on Valentine’s Day. From the innocent affections of children to the deep bonds shared between partners, these poems capture the essence of love in all its forms. Let’s use poetry to express our deepest feelings this Valentine’s Day, celebrating the universal language of love that connects us all.

Celebrating love in diversity

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate love in all its diverse forms. These 20 short poems offer a range of expressions suited for children, parents, and partners, including those in same-sex relationships. The beauty of poetry lies in its ability to convey deep emotions in just a few lines, making it the perfect medium for expressing love and affection on this special day.

Whether you’re a mom (mum) writing to your partner, a dad crafting a card for your spouse, or a child eager to show love to friends and family, these poems offer a simple yet powerful way to convey your feelings. Let’s embrace the spirit of Valentine’s Day by spreading love, acceptance, and joy through the timeless art of poetry.

This is a huge set of awesome ideas for your better half, your kids, or your parents. Whomever you would like to share the love with this year, and beyond. If you are looking for even more amazing ideas for Valentine’s Day, we also have recipes, crafts, and even fabulous printables for you to take a look at within our Valentine’s Activities. Why not take a look to help make the season of love go even better?

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