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100+ lego printables, coloring sheets and activities for Lego fans everywhere

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Today, we have a collection of Lego printables coloring sheets for you to explore. There are Lego activities, Lego eBooks, and free printable Lego coloring pages, Lego Valentines; you name it, if its got Lego in it – we’ve got it! There is even a set of Lego Batman bookmarks for you – who even KNEW that they needed that, right?

There are some pretty iconic Lego characters, from Star Wars, to the stars of the Lego Movie. We have tried to gather a range of resources for a range of different ages, so that all the master builder and Lego fans out there are going to be happy. All we are really missing is a straight up Lego coloring book. Most of these activities and free printable coloring pages are designed to help with fine motor skills too of course. We have tried to gather activities for kids of all ages up to about 11:

  1. How about starting off this list with Artsy Crafty Kids, who has put together some Lego Movie printable character puppets for us?
  2. We thought we would give you some more Lego Movie activity ideas now, this time including some Lego coloring pages as well from Highlights Along the Way
  3. We always make sure we throw in a few of our own activities for our collections, so how about this Lego eBook full of fun learning activities we have got for you? If you are looking for Lego activities, then you can’t go wrong trying you hand at some of these ideas,
  4. If you are looking for more Lego activity books, then One Mamas Daily Drama has one with coloring and other activities included within it
  5. Lego builds are something we can all get into, but how about combining building and playing which is exactly what Adventure-in-a-Box has done here with their Lego Charades or Lego Pictionary game
  6. Printable letter cards for Lego are a great way to help kids to learn the alphabet, and KiddyCharts has their own printable Lego A-Z ideas, as well as another activity from Adventure-in-a-Box too. Katherine Rosman has also put together an alphabet Lego activity too,
  7. For children that are a little bit older, and already know their alphabet, then do check out this literacy spelling test activity from 123Homeschool4Me,
  8. If you are looking for some play prompts, then what about checking these out from Desert Chica that use Lego bricks and Lego blocks in lots of interesting and different ways?
  9. This is a little different, a Minecraft Steve Lego party favor that’s perfect for the kids either at a Minecraft or a Lego themed birthday. Do check this out from Five Marigolds as its brilliant,
  10. We haven’t had any Lego Friends – but Artsy Fartsy Mama is changing that now with a set of Lego Friends Bingo printables, which is a bit different from the usual Lego Friends coloring pages,
  11. In order to tick off another iconic Lego brand, we need some Duplo in there as well, don’t we? And thanks to Mama in the Now, we’ve got just that with these Duplo flash cards printables,
  12. Continuing in the Flash Card theme, 123Homeschool4Me has put together these maths flash cards for you to use to help the kids with their multiplication,
  13. To add to the alphabet activities that we have shared earlier in this list, KiddyCharts also have a Lego numbers building activity for the kids to try out too. Make numbers 0 to 9 with the bricks,
  14. If you love a good Lego workbook, then this set of Kindergarten sheets from 1 Plus 1 Plus 1 Equals 1 is just brilliant, with loads of different activities for the kids to try out,
  15. We promised your Batman Lego, and here you go – these are fantastic Lego Batman Bookmarks from Artsy Fartsy Mama,
  16. Lego is a great way for learning colors and patterns, and I can Teach my Child has an activity for just this for you. You can help kids to find their favorite colors within the Lego while they explore too,
  17. In a similar theme is a pattern learning activity with Lego from Wunder Mom. This is a simple idea, but so much fun for the kids teaching matching and sorting skills as well,
  18. This is a bumper list of Lego printables coloring sheets and activities from Living Montessori Now, it includes 70+ activities for Lego, alongside some free printables and a collection of Lego coloring pages too,
  19. Sorting games are a wonderful way of kids learning, and developing their motor skills and Life Over Cs has a brilliant set of diagrams for helping to sort Lego. Why not pop over and give these a go?
  20. Little Bins for Little Hands has a set of excellent challenge cards for Lego, which is just PERFECT for little ones to get their problem and building skills going with this amazing toy,
  21. If you would like another Lego challenge set of cards, how about these US State challenge cards from Kindergarten Worksheets and Games?
  22. Did you think that we had forgotten Lego Star Wars for a moment? Well, we haven’t. Here are some free mosaic printables for Star Wars Lego from Simple Everyday Mom,
  23. We haven’t forgotten Harry Potter either (!), these are perfect for the Harry Potter and Lego fans amongst you with some Lego challenge cards for the franchise from A Few Shortcuts, and
  24. Finally, Darcy and Brian have an amazing set of animal challenge cards for Lego build that are perfect for a Lego charades game!

Seasonal Lego printables coloring sheets and activity ideas

We have grouped some of the seasonal Lego ideas we found together, just to help make it easier to find an activity that works well for you:

  1. Crystal and Comp has put together a printable with some ideas for some Easter Lego build that is a great activity for the kids that they will love putting together alongside that inevitable chocolate consumption,
  2. If you are looking for Spring build ideas to go with the Easter ones, then check out this post from Frugal Fun for Boys.
  3. Alongside the Easter ideas, Crystal and Comp has compiled another list of Lego builds for you, this time with a Back to School theme,
  4. We have another build list from Crystal and Comp – this time for St Patricks Day; so whatever the time of year, there’s a build for you somewhere on this site 😂
  5. Mommy Evolution always has excellent printable resources, and these Lego Valentines printables are perfect,
  6. To continue with the building challenges – how about a summer challenge for the kids? This is a perfect printable to keep them busy over the summer from Crafts Kids Love,
  7. We are back with Crystal and Comp now for some fall or autumn Lego build this time,

To complement this list, Encouraging Moms at Home, has also compiled a list of Lego printable pages, so why not go check that out after you have looked at all the above. Just in case we missed some that you really like. Frugal Fun for Boys as a fabulous set of Lego posts, loads of which have printables and free Lego coloring pages, so this is well worth checking out too.

And before you say – yes we know there are a total of only 31 bullet points here, and we don’t just have fun coloring pages here either. There are lots of learning activities included within the printable ideas.

A lot of these links have loads of printables included within them. There are definitely more than 100+ lego coloring sheets and inspiration on this page for you, across a range of activities. We didn’t JUST want to give you coloring, as that’s so easy to find. How about something that gives your kids a little more learning opportunities alongside the coloring fun?

We hope that this has some of your favorite Lego characters in it, and you can find a fun way to use all the activities too.

We know you are going to LOVE all these Lego printables coloring sheets and activities *we promise.* 😂

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