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Lego building challenge: A to Z #31daysofactivities

Today for our 31 Days of Activites post we have a fantastic printable for you with our Lego building challenge. The printables are a great way to get your kids to start practicing their alphabet in a fun and creative way. We have 26 sheets for you and each sheet allows you to colour the letter, trace the letter, write the letter, and of course, build the letter with blocks for the Lego building challenge.

Let’s take a look at the printable, shall we?

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Lego building challenge

We like to show you what our printables look like before you go to the printable itself, so do take a look at what each of these lovely pages offers you. They are quite straightforward, but super practical and ready for your kids to use as and when.


The printable is great for kids in many ways, one of them being practicing their colouring in whilst at the same time working on letter recognition. Have your kids colour in the letter as if it were Lego blocks to unleash their creativity. Take it a step further by inspiring your kids to colour in the letters the same colours as the blocks that they are using to build them, too.


We have letters G-K for you above, and as you can see there is also a space available for your kids to use actual Lego blocks to build the corresponding letter in the box.


Your kids can learn trace the letters for each corresponding page. This also helps your kids practice their fine motor skills and keep their concentration and focus. Pre-writing skills are also taught by tracing letters and this helps your kids with their hand-eye coordination.


Lastly, there is sufficient space for your kids to write the letter they have been practicing on. This is such a good way for them to put everything that they have been working on the sheet into action. I am sure they will be proud of themselves when they can write the letter on their own, and I am sure you will be too!


So, there you have it! We hope that you find the Lego building challenge alphabet sheets as fun and educational for your kids as we do! Download them and make your own workbook for the kids or why not laminate them to make them reusable and use a dry erase marker for the writing, tracing, and colouring in.

<< Download your own by clicking on the circular image below >>

Lego building challenge ideas

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