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Lego numbers building activity

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Numeracy can be taught in many ways, but as we know, making things fun is a great way for your kids to learn something challenging. That’s why we love this Lego numbers building activity! This printable workbook brings you 10 sheets to help your little ones learn their numbers with the help of the ever popular brick!

Lego are popular worldwide, so we know that wherever you may be visiting us from, you’ll be able to relate to and enjoy this activity. Let’s take a look!

Lego number building activity

Our Lego number build is a fun way for your kids to use the popular building blocks to learn and practice each of their numbers form 1-10.

Each sheet has a Lego brick designed so your kids can practice the number by using real Lego to give it its shape. There is also a space for your kids to draw the number of bricks in the box. Your kids can also colour in the number that is written out for them. Lastly, have them practice the number by writing it within the lines at the bottom of the page. As you can see the sheets are a lot of learning fun for the kids!

Let’s take a look a the 10 sheets in our printable set.


Lego numbers building activity


Lego numbers


Lego numbers Three

There are different ways that you can use the sheets. For example, print out the sets that you need and create a booklet of the numbers 1-10. Or, you can laminate the sheets so that your kids can reuse each one as needed.

Another idea is to print out a booklet and combine numeracy with colour recognition by using only bricks, crayons, and coloured pencils in a corresponding colour. This can help your kids work on 2 learning skills at a time.


Lego numbers four


Lego numbers five


Lego Numbers Building Activity six

Using building blocks, like Lego is a way to help your kids develop many skills such as fine motor skills. Using building blocks, even though they may not be building per se, helps with hand-eye coordination too. The blocks need to be placed over the blocks that are drawn, which means your child will need to be detailed and focus on using their hands.


Lego numbers seven


Lego Numbers Building Activity eight


Lego Numbers Building Activity nine

Lego Numbers Building Activity Ten

And, last but not least, let’s get into double digits with the number 10.

Lego Numbers Building Activity ten

So, what do you think? Lovely, aren’t they?

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