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Free St Patricks Day Activities: Math Workbook

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It’s time for some St Patricks Day activities; and a little bit of Maths all at the same time! We love a good worksheet on the KiddyCharts site, and what better way to get the kids little grey cells working than with some fun Irish activities.

Looking for some great St Patricks Day Math activities for kids - then we've got them for you! #stpatricksday #irish #kidsactivities #printables #free

We’ve got a few different ideas for you, from shamrocks to little black hats, there is a little bit of Irish frivolity to help the kids to get into a mathematical mood today.

The activities we have are focused around:

  • Counting – get the kids to see how many of each of the fabulous St Patricks Day items there are,
  • Addition – count up everything and then add it all up,
  • Subtraction – more counting, but this time we’ve thrown in a bit of a curve ball, and the kids need to work out their subtraction sums,
  • Number recognition – we’ve got gold in our Pot of Gold pictures, but the kids need to be able to work out how much, and then add the gold themselves,
  • Number bonds – practising these with a little bit of rainbow magic, and finally
  • Multiplication – check out our green dice to help the kids to learn their times tables.

I am sure that you would agree that there are some lovely ideas in here, and it is totally free for you to download. Just click on the free square image below to download it.

Before you do though, why don’t you check out some of the other St Patricks Day activities that we have on the site for you:

Looking for some great St Patricks Day Math activities for kids - then we've got them for you! #stpatricksday #irish #kidsactivities #printables #free

If that isn’t enough amazing content for you with some St Patricks Day activities, why don’t you see what else there is for you to get your green on:

Is that all green enough for you? 🤣

I really do hope so, as otherwise you might just have to pop on over to Ireland to get the full festive feeling!

This is yet another of the worksheet content that we have on the site, and to keep up to date with all the goodies that we have – with our free weekly printables for you all, do sign up to our newsletter.

This has been St Patricks Day for us, and we hope you enjoyed it, Come back again soon for more of the same – and we hope you find your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow soon too.


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