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Win an annual subscription to Count on Me! worth £48 to embrace the magic of maths (3 available)

We have a lovely giveaway for you today from Akribian to help with early Maths skills in your children. Early-age maths competence is the strongest predictor for future academic success, yet too many children have maths anxiety and struggle with mastering maths.

We are giving away 1 of 3 lucky winners an annual subscription to the Count on Me Maths app; that uses games to help improve children’s Maths skills.

Child playing with Akribian Count on Me app.

Before we give you the details on how to win this, let’s see what the app is all about:

What’s the App all about?

NEW Count on Me! maths app helps children improve their maths skills through game play and adventure. Research has shown that children who practice maths by playing a game-embedded app such as Count on Me! improve their skills by 60 percent.

Developed for children aged 6-9 years olds, using cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), the game helps children learn and master early maths concepts such as pattern recognition, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and equalities.

Children can only play the game for 15 minutes a day as the characters go to sleep so it’s limited screen time with maximum learning outcomes.

Count on Me! is £3.99 a month and can be played on iPads and soon to be released for iPhone too. It’s perfect for ever day maths practice, road trips or holiday season.

You can win one of three annual subscriptions here. For more information visit here

What is the science behind the Count on Me! App

Child playing with Count on Me Akribian app on a tablet.

A recent study by Akribian showed that almost half of parents believe they have ‘maths anxiety’ themselves, which is defined as anxiety about the ability to perform mathematical functions. Of those with maths anxiety, 83 per cent are concerned that their own worries surrounding maths may affect their child’s attitude to the subject when supporting their children with their maths homework.

But there are many ways parents can feel more confident, from thinking positively when tacking a maths challenge, to incorporating a little maths into every day activities to using technology and teacher-based resources.

Martin Hassler Hallstedt PHD, learning psychologist and co-founder of Count on me! maths app which helps children improve their skills through game play and adventure, said:

“Maths anxiety in children often develops when they don’t master early basic maths skills and are expected to continue learning additional maths concepts. This can cause a toxic cycle of underachievement.

Martin Hasller, cofounder of Count on me!

Regular exposure to maths in a positive way is key to overcoming the anxiety.  If possible associate maths with richer content than just numbers so your child can see and experience the meaning of maths, such as shopping, budgeting, or even planning a trip but make it fun! Our research shows that short adventure- based learning produces the best maths outcomes. With practice, anyone can be a ‘maths person’.”

How do we win this Akribian subscription

We have made it easy – so just enter using the widget below; you can follow them on Twitter, plus a few other entry methods; make sure you do it all through the widget or we won’t be able to count it for you. The giveaway closes on xxxx; so enter fast, so you don’t miss out.

Win Annual Count on Me! Maths app subscription from Akribian

Thanks as always for entering, and do check out the other giveaways that we have on site as well.

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Thanks for coming to see us, and we hope that we see you again soon.


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Patricia Barrett

Thursday 14th of April 2022

Perfect to try and win for my grandchildren. Thanks for the competition.

Claire Hamilton

Thursday 14th of April 2022

This would be great to win for my daughter.

Adrian Bold

Thursday 14th of April 2022

I'd like to win this for my nephew who would find it useful.

Kas G

Thursday 14th of April 2022

For my son who enjoys maths

Rachel Butterworth

Wednesday 13th of April 2022

For my niece who struggled with maths (her older brother is excellent at it and I think that knocks her confidence).

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