Do you suffer from to do list block? Mine’s critical!

Blank To Do List
This is my to do list - see.....

I had one of those weeks again – manic seems to be an understatement. And I am sure I wasn’t the only one.

We have all heard of writers block, there is blogging block too apparently, and I am pretty sure I shall experience that sometime soon.  But I just invented a new one…

To Do List Block

I know I have to write one, and I know that there is a lot that needs doing to get this reward charts business launched, but it just scares me to write it all down.

So, do you know what I am going to do, what any sane, well balanced, working mum in my shoes would do?

Run away.

Does anyone else suffer from this new affliction?  If so, do please let me know.  And how have you overcome it?  I shall be telling you all how I managed to later in the week….


  • I have my todo lists. I’ve been using Everynote to help me manage it. There’s a checkbox icon you can add to a list. This really helps me get through the list.

  • Here’s what works best for me (not all the time, but I can’t face a normal to do list, so some of the time is better than none!)…I have a ‘project list’ for each project e.g. Business Plus Baby is one, household stuff (making dentist appointments, doing grocery shop)is another, my new biz ( one more and Christmas has a list of its own. Each time I think of something I have to do, I put it on the relevant project list. Then each day I pick the most important 5 things off the lists (that’s 5 in total, not per list!) and put them on my daily list. The idea is that I actually get to the end of my daily list each day and I prioritise what I’m doing. And I don’t get overwhelmed by a to do list long enough to fit on a loo roll!

    • Great ideas, Helen. Thanks so much :-) I think I may have to adopt the “project list” strategy, perhaps with my KiddyCharts hat, household hat, and NelsonHall (other job) hat. Not quite thinking about Xmas yet!

    • My lists are similar to Helens though the picking 5 tasks from them all for a daily list is a good idea that i’m going to try!

      If you’re struggling to get started with writing any lists you could try buying a nice new book or folder for lists. Oh and a new pen :) New stationary always gets me writing!

  • Write down some things you’ve already done as well, then you can cross them straight off, and the list doesn’t look as bad! That’s what I do. :)

  • My block is that when I’m unable to write things down (i.e. whilst driving, or struggling with no hands free at school gate, etc.) I invariably remember loads of the things I need to put on my to do list. Clearly by the time I come to my pad & pen to write them all down, I’ve forgotten pretty much all of them!
    I found one of those little tape recorder things in a charity shop for a few pounds, bought it with a view to keeping on me for all those times – and guess what – I haven’t got round to taking it out of the box, checking the batteries and getting going with it yet! ;-)

    • ;-) So with you there too – I forget what I am supposed to be doing in the space between getting in the car to get the kids and getting home when I have access to a pen!

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