Printable reward charts online: Countdown to lift off

This is one of the Reward Charts you can create on KiddyCharts to help with learning and private tuition. This is a Fairy one! #kids #learning #rewardcharts

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Free printables: Now on KiddyCharts

Countdown to KiddyCharts

Well hello to everyone. I have finally made it.

KiddyCharts feels like an awful long time in the making, it’s been years in my head at least. Fed up of not finding the lovely printable reward charts, or potty training charts that I was sure would work for us on the web, I designed my own.

For those of you that follow me on Twitter, you would be forgiven for thinking I was making it all up. But it is true, honest. So here we are; we are finally off the launch pad, but we haven’t yet made it to the moon…

Our website is due to launch soon, so I am opening up the blog.  Mainly because not chatting is impossible for me.  People learn that about me quickly. But where do I start on here?

Let me tell you a bit about myself.

Working mum: sneaky scheduling for our printable reward charts

I’m a mum first, have a part-time job and around both of these I manage KiddyCharts.

I have two kids and one husband; two is enough for me and I only just manage to keep track of them.

My daughter, Little Miss Chatterbox, is six going on forty and my son, Stuntboy, is four, and wants to be a superhero. I need to be one to keep up with him.

I shall share some of my kids exploits with you. Names changed to protect the innocent. Oh, and also because its more fun.  My long-suffering husband, Brad (not really but I suspect that’s the only nickname I shall get away with) works hard so time as a family is precious.

I tweet in strange places and hide the iPad in increasingly ingenious ways to insure that my work doesn’t affect that time together.

I have to admit that I am becoming rather sneaky.

Shared Experiences; from behaviour charts to business

I certainly don’t claim to be an expert in the topics I shall touch on within this blog.  I’ve been in business for a bit, and a mum for a bit less. I read about lots of things and have ideas about a lot of other stuff too, particularly if I have just eaten chocolate.

I  set up KiddyCharts to share my experiences, this blog is an extension of that.  Inspired by my business and my children; I hope to be able to help others with the challenge of being a working parent and perhaps even bring a smile to yours and your kids faces.

I have called this blog “Mummy’s Little Stars” because my children are the driving force behind my business and my life.  They are helping and advising me every step of the way, and in my daughter’s case, whether I want the advice or not.

So forgive my stumblings here in the coming weeks as I get to grips with this blogging lark.  I have picked up fabulous tips from some great friends on Twitter and Facebook, but it’s so much harder when you actually get down to it, isn’t it?

If anyone has any blogging tips, please feel free to comment below – I need all the help I can get!

I think that’s the introductions over; anyone fancy a G&T?

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