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How to plan a perfect mother daughter photoshoot

The bond between a mother and daughter lasts a lifetime. Mother daughter photoshoots offer a fun, bonding experience that help to create long-lasting memories. This kind of photoshoot is great for all ages and is a wonderful way to document your relationship with your daughter throughout the years. It makes the perfect gift as well – so why not think about getting it for that special lady and mum in your life today. No matter the age, it’s a perfect idea?

But executing the perfect mother daughter photoshoot can be arduous.

There are many things to take account of, such as finding the perfect space, the best photographer for the job, and ensuring a good time is had by all.

Below, we’ve put together five tips for you to help plan the perfect mommy and daughter photo shoot.

1. Pick a theme

Cowboys anyone?

There are endless theme possibilities for a mother daughter photoshoot, which is why it’s important to pick one. If you go into your mother daughter photoshoot theme-less, you’ll struggle.

It can be difficult to execute your vision without proper planning and brainstorming.

When picking a theme, think of something that both you and your daughter will enjoy.

For example, if it’s a Christmas photo shoot, think about choosing a theme that encapsulates your and your daughter’s favorite thing about Christmas.

If you’re struggling to understand how to execute the theme you and your daughter have picked, search Pinterest and Tumblr for some inspiration.

After you’ve picked a theme you can look into making similar outfits for you and your daughter.

Mother daughter photoshoots can be made all the sweeter with matching outfits or dresses. So why not consider adding a little more fun to the theme with this idea as well?

2. Get your daughter involved

Try to get your daughter involved in the planning and execution of your mommy and daughter photo shoot. She can help with the themes of course, but there are loads of other ideas as well.

For younger children, you can create a fun environment where they can play dress up and enjoy a loving afternoon with their mommy. For the older daughters, you can involve them even more in the event. Ask for their help styling the shoot and picking out your clothes for it. Making it a group activity and involving them in the planning and execution will make it more fun for both of you.

3. Look into local retail photo studios

There has been an increasing number of retail photo studios popping up due to the increasing interest in getting picture-perfect shots for social media. These retail photo studios host numerous props, displays, and set-ups that could easily match your mommy and daughter photoshoot’s theme.

These retail photo studios can be quite a bargain as well since you can choose to have their onsite photographer use your phone for the pictures or their HD camera. Department stores such as JCPenny also offer photo portrait sessions, however, your creativity there is limited to the options they have available at the location you choose.

4. Interview multiple photographers

When looking for a photographer it’s important to look into multiple options. You can start by googling “family-friendly photographers near me” to find local options you may not have been aware of. The best thing about looking online for your photographer is that you can most likely see reviews for their work. See if people highlight having positive experiences with their children at the shoots. Another way to find a photographer is by speaking to friends and family to see if they have any suggestions or recommendations.

When you’ve selected a few photographers that you’re interested in, set up a time to interview them. Ask to see their portfolio and have questions ready for them. Some good examples of questions to ask your potential mommy and daughter photoshoot photographer are: do you have a history of working with children on set, or what their preferred style of shooting is.

5. Stay comfortable and have fun

Make the day as comfortable and fun as you can for everyone. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to have things go perfectly. Keep your tone calm and friendly if something goes awry, go with the flow and keep moving. Remember the day is about you and your daughter and the memories you’ll both cherish for a lifetime. If you’re relaxed and enjoying the day, chances are your daughter will mimic your vibe. Bring snacks and refreshments, and if you have a younger child whatever toys or important items they need.

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