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Family and newborn photography tips: How to get the perfect shots

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Do you love to take pictures of your kids, and aren't sure how to do it - then we have the resources for you here to improve; from newbord photography tips, to tips on how to take pictures of the kids in winter. We've got it. If you are a blogger, and have photography tips too - come add them here as well!

Every month, we do a parenting tips linky to give you all a few ideas on a specific topic to help with navigating the minefield that is parenting… but this month, I thought we would do something a little bit different, and provide you with some great resources for improving your photography as a parent; from newborn photography tips, to taking pictures of your kids that come out as naturally as possible, anything goes.

If you know any great resources, then why not share them with us?

If you have written anything, even better, pop it in the linky below and I shall do my best to share it within my Pinterest account, as well as on Twitter:

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Photography is something I am trying to improve day by day, and have found Instagram to be a wonderful inspiration for this, particularly the photo challenges that are positively encouraged throughout the App. Why not join in with the KiddyCharts collaborative one: Capturing Life, Laughter and Love to help you on your way. If that’s not your bag, the Better Photo Project on Love All Blogs is one of my favourites.

For this resource list, and post, We are looking for any resources on improving photography around your kiddies so that might include:

  • How to take pictures of kids in winter
  • How to capture newborn pictures
  • How to take natural shots of your kids
  • The best ways to get your kids to smile naturally for the camera
  • Etc, etc.

Usually in linkys the writer gives some relevant tips themselves about the topic, however – photography isn’t my forte! All I have learnt so far is that asking them to smile can guarantee that you either:
a) get the most ridiculous smile imaginable or,
b) they flatly refuse.

I hope you have more luck than I!

If you do link up a post, be great if you can use the badge for this linky on it – as I said, I will be sharing your posts wherever I can:

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Without further ado – here are the posts and resources to help improve those pictures. Happy snapping!

Photo Credit: Danilo Rizzuti /

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