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How to help your kids rock change at school

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This week with Beckie Whitehouse of Be Confident Coaching we are discussing change at school such as:

  • starting a new school
  • change of class
  • new teacher
  • friends moving away

It can be a difficult transition at school for your child when there are changes.  Much of the biggest change will relate around the change of the school year, moving up a class and meeting new teachers and classmates.  Many schools will set time aside at the end of the summer term to allow children to visit their new classroom and meet their new teacher to make the start of the new autumn term much easier and a lot less daunting.  This is a good time for you to explain to your child what will be happening and to discuss and concerns they may have abut moving.

Other topics we cover in our hangout include:

  • explaining that teachers are often strict at the beginning at the start of a new term and meeting new pupils to show their authority
  • change is not bad and can often be a good thing.  We have to deal with it many times as an adult and is good grounding from a young age
  • it is now so much easier to stay in touch with friends if they have moved away with the era of technology
  • talking about being nice to new children who may come into the classroom.  If they have moved to a new area, they may not know anybody in their class
How to help your kids with change at school

Has your child expressed any concerns about the start of the new school year?  How are you preparing them for the new term?  As ever, please share your ideas/thoughts with us in the comments below:

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