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Five family photo gifts you won’t have got before

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Family photo gifts – We are always thinking about gift ideas that will make your family and friends smile. We know that it is important to keep special memories close to you now, and always, so we thought it would be a lovely idea to have a look and see what you can do with photography, and photo gifts to create something a little different from family and friend that they will treasure for years to come.

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We have put our thinking caps on and come up with five amazing ideas for photo gifts that we think you won’t have thought of already. We do hope we are right….are we?!? 🤩

1. Pop a much loved photo in a cube

Five family photo gifts you won't have got before

These are a lovely way of remembering, and displaying photos of loved ones. They photo cubes are a unique idea compared to traditional photographs because they are much more durable than standard frames. In addition, you aren’t going to get the annoying sunlight fade overtime that you usually experience with photos in a frame.

Finally, the cube displays a 3-D version of the picture, with is another unique aspect to this family photo gift.

2. A real family tree

This is a LOVELY gift idea for anyone within the family and perfect for Christmas, birthdays, and a once off! If you look hard enough, you can find yourself some gorgeous wrought iron trees, with small photo frames on that you can hang pictures from the create a real family tree. They trees usually come with c. 5-6 small photos which you can either provide with the tree, or your family and friends can choose to add their own.

3. Truely personalise it

There are lots of wonderful ideas for personalising photographs for family and friends to make an extra special family gift. Ideas that work best are often focused on the specific event the gift is being bought for, or perhaps the member of the family that you are purchasing for. Some really wonderful personalised ideas include:

  • Grandparents grandchildren’s frame, with a family tree of images of all their grandchildren,
  • Heart shaped pendant with a picture of a scan photo included within it,
  • Photograph collage of your mother of fathers lives as a background to a stunning photography portrait of them,
  • Photograph of the maps for the places that you met, proposed, and married within a frame for an anniversary,
  • 3D photo based desk lamp,
  • Scrabble-based picture frames, and
  • Many more ideas for personalised photo gifts.

Your imagination is really the only thing holding you back; and, of course, the ingenuity of the sellers as well.

4. Paw prints for pets

Most of us these days have a pet, from family dogs, to independent, but cute cats. All of them help kids to learn about animals, and looking after each other. The benefits of having pets are many for children, and if your friends and family to have one, there are a number of wonderful photo gifts that you can get for them.

Our personal favourite, is something that includes a nod to the pet themselves, with a cut out paw print surrounding the photo of the pet. Somehow, this just seems that little bit more special than a simple picture in a frame. What do you think?

There are a number of different kinds available – so depending on the pet, and the collection of photos that you have available, you can choose the ones that work best for you and your photos.

5. Charm bracelet photos

Charm bracelets are a lovely addition to anyone’s jewellery tree. And why not add a charm with a photo on? This is a lovely gift idea for anyone; you can include the charm bracelet too if you want as well of course. If you are buying the bracelet at the same time; make sure that you get the right size for the wrist of the person you are gifting too.

Photo gift charms come in different formats, depending on where you purchase them from. The heart shaped ones can be lovely ideas as a Valentine’s or anniversary gift. There are also round ones available, which can also be engraved on the back too. It is also possible to get a charm bracelet with a number of photos on, as well as the beads themselves. This gives a little more flexibility to the present, depending on whom you want to purchase it for.

We did also think of LOADS of other ideas for this, including pet photos on hoodies, and jigsaw puzzles, but these were the five that we liked the best for you, so we’ve highlighted these ones.

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Thanks again for coming to see us, and we do hope to see you again soon.

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