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DIY Wedding makeup: 10 tips and products to help wedding makeup for mums on a budget

We know things can be tight when you are planning a wedding, but even more so when you have your kids to think of too. So today we have some ideas to help your family by reducing the cost of your wedding make-up without it breaking the bank. You can personalise your look by doing your own DIY wedding makeup easily with these ideas. Whether you are marrying for the first time, a single mum who has found love, remarrying, or just renewing your vows. You can create DIY wedding makeup ideas that are dewy, flawless, simple, glam, or grab effects with the products and tips that we have here for you all.

DIY Wedding makeup

Doing your own wedding makeup can help reduce costs for couples on a tighter budget. It could be to cut back on spending, unavailability of your preferred MUA, or personalising your look. Whatever the reason, your wedding is the time to bring your A-game, top of which is your look!

You must move from basic and usual to the extraordinary, but do you know your way? Can you pull off that DIY wedding makeup to be camera friendly with a good balance on your skin tone? That’s what we’re here for, to help you create that flawless wedding look so you partner and family are proud of the effect you have created. Check out these best makeup products and tips for doing your own makeup.

1. Prep your skin

Prep your skin

One of the best wedding trends today is skincare. Every beauty conscious bride-to-be takes care of her skin, and we reiterate that it’s important. Tons of makeup on bad skin will only ruin it further. So why not detoxify your face and keep it clear of unwanted and avoidable blemishes?

Getting facials and body polishing done is a good place to start. Do this on a budget by getting a bride box subscription to access luxury beauty essentials. The bridal box is one of the most unique engagement gift ideas for the bride.

Take skincare a step further by masking when necessary. Products like Biossance squalene + vitamin C rose mask (c. $48), helps to detox, and brighten. Don’t forget to keep your face hydrated by using moisturisers. Elf holy hydration face cream (c. $12), is especially good for sensitive faces as it’s fragrance-free.

2. Create statement brows

Create statement brows

If you opted for DIY wedding hair, you must pay attention to your brows. This is because both come together to define the face, so your bows should complement your hairstyle.

If you’ve got a full hairstyle, keep your brows moderate to full. If not, maintain moderately filled brows. It doesn’t matter if you were born without brows, choice pencils can do the magic. NYX professional makeup 3-In-1 Brow (c. $13), is a trifecta that will fill, shade, and give a glossy finish.

3. Consult and practice

Consult and practice

Wedding makeup must be nothing short of perfection! Whether a simple bridal makeup or glamour wedding makeup, consult, and practice. Get the best products that match your skin tone. You could book an appointment with an organisation like Sephora for a $50 gift card consultation charge. You’ll get recommendations, products, and tutorials on how to do your own wedding makeup.

Why not look for makeup artists on YouTube to follow too – which are in the right style for your ideas. Someone like Monika Blunder on YouTube. She’s a celebrity makeup artist who works with every skin colour, so you will fit in. Perhaps look at Instagram too; Hung Vanngo can help you learn how to DIY your wedding makeup through your feed!

You can work with them as they teach you how to get the hang of it.

4. Work with waterproof formula mascara

Work with waterproof formula mascara

If you are anything like us here in the KiddyCharts office, since becoming a mum there is more change of you shedding a tear at emotional moments with films. So you’re are more than likely to cry a few happy tears on your wedding day. Clearly that could cause mascara erosion – is that really a thing?!?!

Aside from this, summer weddings can make a mess of your mascara, causing it to droop or melt. For these reasons, you need heatproof and waterproof mascaras. L’Oréal voluminous volume building waterproof Mascara (c. $8.99) is a good option to stay put throughout the day.

5. Use correct foundation

Use correct foundation

Layering foundation is the height of your prep as it gives a natural look. And since you’ve chosen to do your own makeup, settle for a powder foundation. It does a great job of setting your makeup and eliminating greasy looks in pictures. A product we might suggest is Youngblood which is a pressed mineral foundation (c. $76.45). However, go easy on it to avoid a dry look.

6. Create stunner lips

Create stunner lips

To get a stunning pair of lips and lasting finish, layer your lip colours. Start by moisturising your lips with balm, then create a light first layer with cream-based lipstick. Go in with the same lipstick for a second time. Le Paradis lip balm for (c. $24) and Charlotte Tilbury revolution lipstick in pillow talk for (c. $34), are great options for this. There is absolutely no reason why you cannot choose a stunning and bright colour for that mum glam look 😂..

The next stage is to define your lips by drawing along or outside the lips with a liner. Rub and press lips together, then finish with a layer of lip gloss. Some ideas for this include Clarins 4-color all-in-one-pen lip-liner for c. $30 and Maybelline lip lifter for (c. $9) will help create this finish.

7. Choose a creamy formula based concealer

Choose a creamy formula based concealer

Concealers help hide the blemishes and dark circles around the eyes; yes we KNOW you have these. You’re a mum 😆 . If you’re doing DIY wedding makeup, try to go for the creamy based ones. They are a lot quicker and easier to apply, give you radiance, and help makeup sit well. Why not take a look at Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer(c. $30). Alternatively, Nars buildable concealer hides and corrects dark circles, lasting up to 16 hours.

8. Get your primer right

Get your primer right

Primers are God sent temporary correctors. They help smooth fine line and fill large pores. It can be touch to get time to look after your skin when you are running about after the kids, so anything that helps is a great product to have in your locker on your wedding day. What you use should be driven by your skin type.

If you’ve got oily skin, you will go for a mattifying primer that diminishes unwanted shine. For example, something along the lines of Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r mattifying primer for c. $32.

If your skin isn’t oily, infuse brightness with illuminating primers. Perhaps an option like the Smash-box photo finish radiance primer (c. $39)?

9. Invest in a makeup setting spray

Invest in a makeup setting spray

DIY wedding makeup essentials do not stop at lipsticks, concealers, and eyeshadows. A setting spray is one of the most important wedding makeup products. It causes your makeup to remain heatproof, waterproof, and without cracks. Some products even swear to hold your makeup in for up to 18 hours! But your skin type should determine your choice. Try Maybelline lasting fix setting spray for $8-$10 if you’ve got sensitive skin. For dry skin, Urban decay cooling makeup setting spray $31 works perfectly. NYX professional makeup matte finish setting spray $8.56, is great for oily skin.

10. Avoid SPF based makeup products

Avoid SPF based makeup products

SPF is great for the skin, protecting it against UVA/UVB rays. But while we can wear it every day, ditch it for your wedding. SPFs aren’t camera-friendly as they leave white casts from photo flash on your pictures. So when shopping for your makeup products, buy only those without SPF.

We’ve put together ten great tips and products essential for doing your own wedding makeup. Do take what tips you can and we hope you can then master how to create that flawless bridal makeup look, despite the time and money you need to save being a mum.

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Take care, and good luck if you are getting married too – however you decide to do your makeup. Don’t forget, if you are REALLY on a budget, you can always ask a friend to help you out. That’s what we did, and it was amazing!


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