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10 things to do today to keep your relationship healthy as a parent: A checklist

We have a guest post again for you today on how to keep a healthy relationship as a parent with the other half! Sometimes as parents, we tend to focus all to much on the kids, and not enough on ourselves and our partners.

We’ve got a printable checklist for you all as a reminder.

Are you looking to get a bit of relationship advice as a parent - we've got a checklist for having a healthy relationship as a parent - come take a look!

In addition, we’ve got a little more detail here, so that you really do understand how to keep things keeping on, despite the sleepless nights, and tantrums *and that’s just me*

Work out what your core beliefs and values are

The things that you stand by and make you the person you are. They may also include your personal characteristics. For examples, you maybe an introvert, you may have strong political views. Perhaps you may feel strongly about human rights. Once you have figured out what yours are, think about those of your partner, and how many are in line with yours. As these are the things that keep a relationship together.

Remember that we are all human, and doing our best

And as such we all make mistakes. So be compassionate and forgiving.

Listen to each other

And we mean, really listen and give your partner your complete attention when doing so. Ask questions if you don’t understand, rather than making assumptions.

Spend regular quality time together…….

A we mean REAL time together; time as a couple with friends doesn’t count. Time to connect and reconnect with each other is really important.

Time alone and with other friends is also important for a healthy relationship.

This is important because otherwise you can feel suffocated and the relationship can go stale as you have nothing new to bring to it.

Don’t compare your relationship with others.

Social media makes it even worse as people showcase the amazing parts there which can leave you feeling your partner or your relationship doesn’t measure up.

If you have concerns don’t park them in the hope they will go away

Don’t think that it might just be a glitch. Talk to each other about it. Explain that your felt unhappy, sad, annoyed your partner’s behaviour.

Don’t name call or threaten to leave in an argument.

Remember once you have said them; those words can’t be taken back, and could cause a lot of harm.

Show respect for your partner.

You don’t have to agree with their point of view. It doesn’t mean what they say is wrong – just different.

Remember a relationship is about what you put in, not what you get out of it.

Remember to give it care and attention, just like a plant, and in return it will grow strong.

Thanks as always to Wendy for sharing this with us. She runs her own relationship counselling service, so do check her out.

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Are you looking to get a bit of relationship advice as a parent - we've got a checklist for having a healthy relationship as a parent - come take a look!

Wendy Capewell is a Relationshp Specialist, who helps couples keep their relationship healthy and happy even through the tough times.

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