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Christmas checklist: Last minute mum!

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Christmas checklist; what's on yours?

Christmas checklist; what’s on yours? This is mine at the moment, nearly…

I took part in a hangout this week on organising yourself for Christmas; I felt a bit of a usurper really, and probably ended up being there for a bit of the comedy value; because I am NOT organised at Christmas. I am not organised at anything, by and large.

When I did normal work rather than this mad content management thing I seem to be doing now with this bonkers make your own reward charts blog, I would take every single deadline I had right…up…to….the….last….minute. And sometimes beyond it. I worked as a business analyst in those days, so my clients needed the analysis, and my boss needed me to hit deadlines…and usually I made it, mostly by working at midnight the night before to get things done.

Unfortunately, now I am a mum, I don’t seem to have learnt my lessons at all…in fact, I will still be meeting deadlines by being up late the night before, but this time the boss is a seven-year old tyrant, and the night before just so happens to be Christmas Eve.

So, here is my Christmas checklist of what you probably have organised now, and I still need to get done, so if you haven’t quite managed it, do tell me, so that I don’t feel quite so blooming useless won’t you?

  1. Buy the turkey, or order it or whatever I am supposed to do; I did go so far as to check online, say “we are temporarily out of stock” on pretty much everything, panicked and poured myself a glass of wine
  2. Get the presents sorted; we have too much for one child and not enough for the other, which is because my vain attempt at being organised failed as buying stuff in advance, and forgetting what you have and who its for, just doesn’t work
  3. Get the wrapping paper; and make sure its different to Santa’s obviously *previous mummy fail*
  4. Get the husband’s present, which I am ignoring as I haven’t a clue what to buy for him, I have had a lovely suggestion from Twitter through AutismMumma (thanks, lovely); however, it requires a level of organisation as its a box/hamper of his favourite food, and that may be beyond me – we will have to wait and see…
  5. Get the cards posted in time – I have actually done this one *faints*
  6. Sort out the content for the blog while I am sorting out the Christmas chaos; not done this either – might end up posting a few pictures of Elves, and hoping no-one notices…
  7. Plan the post Christmas meals with family; I lost myself on the word plan here….
  8. Get the mince pies, and carrots for the reindeer and for Santa; we always feed the reindeers in our house, even though it usually turns out to be a 6ft 2in reindeer that looks surprising like Brad. At least Brad like carrots though
  9. Get the nice paper that Santa will write the reply to my daughter’s Santas Letter on; putting this off again. Somehow I have difficulty in imagining an elf stopping and grabbing the snow bordered, pretty red Santa paper on his way out to drop presents in everyone’s stockings, but then again, why not?

And that’s all I can think of….

That probably means there are loads more things to do, and I haven’t thought of them, so don’t take this as a definitive list. Its not. I will think of at least 73 other things that should have been on it at 1am on Christmas Morning.

In fact, listen to the other three in the Britmums hang out to find out how Christmas should be prepared for; rather than use my checklist. Much wiser.

P.S. What should be on my list – go on, tell me what I forgot now and help me out!!

How do mums prepare for Christmas?

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