Santa letters; what should I do or say here?

Santa letters; what should I do or say here?

Christmas, Christmas…its a time of joy, tinsel, drink, and rather a lot of flannelling…at least as the kids get older, the flannelling starts to make me feel I have taken up residence in a bad 70s sitcom.

At 5 and 7, my two little lovelies adore all that is Santa, and still strongly believe. Last year, Chatterbox made sure that the floor was super tidy from the chimney to the tree, so that he didn’t trip up after he got out…

This year, we have had Stuntboy already asking whether he exists or not, and as usual mummy says:

“Well, what do you think?”

And thankfully, we aren’t at the stage when his answer is:

“Actually mummy, its all a big fib that all you adults play along with…”

Thank God. When that does happen, I am not too sure how to handle it. I preferred when Stuntboy asked Where babies come from?, at least that is something I have a proper answer for, well sort of.

So imagine my horror when my little Chatterbox wants to get Santa to answer a question for her…she wants to ask him:

“How do you get around to everyone in one night?”

And its not enough that I have said, “its magic”, she has to ask him herself.

She is going to write a letter to him, paper clip it into her stocking so she knows he will get it. She will include a sparkly pencil so he can give her a sparkly answer, while he is filling her stocking with all the lovely goodies that the Elves have made for her.

So lovely people, what’s the answer for this most important of Santa Letters? What will Santa say? How does he get around the world in one night? How does Santa actually write anyway, and do they have special Elf paper I should be aware of? Help?!!??!

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