Motherhood: New Fiat ad – insulting or just dam clever?

Motherhood - Chaos and love
Motherhood – Chaos and love

I found this on Youtube looking for the Gangnam Style video – it was the advert for Fiat before it started playing…

I was only looking for the Gangnam style video because the kids wanted it – honest.

It’s clever, I give it that; but I can’t actually decide whether I like it, or its taking the pee out of something that’s actually dam hard, and therefore a little bit too much; particularly the lines about breastfeeding;

“I express a lot because the doctor says to not breastfeed is a crime.”


Then I struggled with breasfeeding and put myself through hell with my first one, just so I could carry on. Therefore, perhaps I am being a tad over-sensitive;


Actually, thinking about it, I do like it, its just too dam clever not too, and we don’t need to take it or us too seriously now do we?

So from a fellow night-time waker, peace-maker, plac-ater to another…What do you all think of the mother”hood” rap – let me know below?

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  • I am a mom to 2 boys, and i loved it! no it did not sell the car! it was an aweful idea for a car ad! but it wasn’t insulting! i related to all of it! haha.. but she needed to have a ponytail, her hair was too good!
    oh how i laughed! thanks for sharing :)

  • I’d not seen this before and if you take it as a bit tongue in cheek I think it’s quite good – well a lot of it made me smile although didn’t really sell the car to me!!

  • I like it & can relate to a lot of it! however, she still looks far too glam to be a “real” mum and doesn’t look like she’s breast feeding at the moment. You’re right it doesn’t jump out as a car ad but maybe it’s appealing to parents on a different subliminal level, reminding us that we can still be cool (ish) or is that too deep?!

  • Its a car advert! I thought it was an introduction to the hassle of motherhood by the “go back to work and leave your children with professional carers” brigade! It doesn’t exactly focus on the “I love my kids and will do anything for them” angle does it but then it is a car ad!

    • It doesn’t jump out as a car ad does it? Except for the leaning against a car, but we mothers do that all the time don’t we?!? I guess its meant to make us laugh, so we’ll remember Fiat’s next time we walk into a showroom…not sure it’ll succeed at that either….thanks for commenting, Harriet :-)

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