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Motherhood: New Fiat ad – insulting or just dam clever?

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Motherhood - Chaos and love

Motherhood – Chaos and love

I found this on Youtube looking for the Gangnam Style video – it was the advert for Fiat before it started playing…

I was only looking for the Gangnam style video because the kids wanted it – honest.

It’s clever, I give it that; but I can’t actually decide whether I like it, or its taking the pee out of something that’s actually dam hard, and therefore a little bit too much; particularly the lines about breastfeeding;

“I express a lot because the doctor says to not breastfeed is a crime.”


Then I struggled with breasfeeding and put myself through hell with my first one, just so I could carry on. Therefore, perhaps I am being a tad over-sensitive;


Actually, thinking about it, I do like it, its just too dam clever not too, and we don’t need to take it or us too seriously now do we?

So from a fellow night-time waker, peace-maker, plac-ater to another…What do you all think of the mother”hood” rap – let me know below?

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Zoe Deag

Thursday 20th of December 2012

Hilarious from someone who is still breastfeeding x


Thursday 20th of December 2012

I am a mom to 2 boys, and i loved it! no it did not sell the car! it was an aweful idea for a car ad! but it wasn't insulting! i related to all of it! haha.. but she needed to have a ponytail, her hair was too good! oh how i laughed! thanks for sharing :)


Thursday 20th of December 2012

Its cool! This could be a huge hit if matters weren't too deep. Unfortunately only moms can enjoy it! This is a car ad?!


Thursday 20th of December 2012

I'd not seen this before and if you take it as a bit tongue in cheek I think it's quite good - well a lot of it made me smile although didn't really sell the car to me!!

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