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Kids arguing: Tips for getting through those tough weekends…

Kids arguing, and mum heads off to bed - ill!

Kids arguing, and mum heads off to bed – ill!

This weekend has been a tough one with 3 exhausted kids arguing. And we still have one week of term to go!

The youngest has been ill and then shock horror, I have been ill  – most unlike me- I even went back to bed one morning, I was properly ill the shakes, the sweats, a temperature and everything!  Thank goodness it didn’t last long and I’m better now.

But back to the kids arguing and the tiredness  – it seemed one was sorted and another started up.

I feel I have written this or words similar before.

Today the oldest threatened to run away, the middle one has not stopped talking at appropriate and inappropriate times, and the youngest has lain on the floor screaming.

What to do or rather what did we do …as we are now sitting watching “Strictly” in harmony.

Taking the dog out gave everyone a change of scene. and a chance to let off steam in the park. Fortunately it was relatively mild and dry.

Regular snacks have helped to keep everyone’s energy high. If the children get hungry it just escalates all the squabbling and back chat.

A bit of craft helped smooth things along; we now have snowflakes in the window and have had origami frogs hopping around, and then finally the nativity stencils came out and we have some lovely festive pictures coloured in.

Time out – I think everyone has had some time alone today, to either think things through or entertain themselves for a bit to give the rest of us a bit of space.

Kids arguing, because the end of term tiredness has set in

Kids arguing, because the end of term tiredness has set in

Chatting with other friends who’s kids seem to be behaving in the same irrational way  – always helps smooth a worried brow, and the concern that we are the only ones suffering a particular thing.

I have found it a real challenge, and I haven’t handled everything as well as I could have done and these tips helped but didn’t solve all the problems.

It does seem 10/11 year olds boys are filled with raging hormones, which result in some very grumpy and rude behaviour, but we are all heading towards bed early and as friends. This gives me hope that things might be a bit easier tomorrow.

If nothing else, at least they are at school all day!

How do you deal with kids arguing constantly – what are your top tips?

This is our regular Tuesday Tips for Parenting guest post by Beckie Whitehouse from Be Confident Coaching.

Photos courtesy of Microsoft Clipart.

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