Are we condescending to our kids?

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Condescending to our kids?

I have a Google Community that I moderate on Parenting Tips – and we are sharing some great stuff on there, so come on in and join us!

This week, Janet Dubac from The Catholic Gift Shop shared this rather interesting video from You Tube, which was created by Roslyn Ross as part of her thesis. This thesis discusses parenting techniques and disagrees with the use of the “carrot and the stick” within parenting, proposing a “relationship mum” concept; where everything the parent does is focused on the development and strength of the relationship between parent and child, rather than what Roslyn views as a more “controlling” approach where we see parenting as a job.

I am afraid that this is a debate for another time, as I suspect that we will always be agreeing to disagree here, but…

The video itself is very clever, it demonstrates how we show kids how to behave, but using two adults instead of the children. It is clearly belittling in this context, as well as rather funny….

There are some interesting ideas within this, about making sure your child has a voice, and that you treat them as much as an equal as possible.

As parents we are here to help teach our children how to behave; and perhaps the video is missing that mark somewhat?

Isn’t it OK to teach them about being polite, as long as its done reasonably? How else will they learn otherwise?

The dummy moment in this video is very funny, as it is such an extreme moment; who gives a dummy to an adult?!?!

However, for younger babies, isn’t the dummy used when the child just wants to suck, and that’s actually not shutting them up, its providing them with an alternative form of comfort? For example, reflux babies want to suck constantly because it eases the pain, but giving them the breast would exacerbate the reflux, so a dummy is a helpful solution. I would totally agree that dummies for older children as a means to quieten them is not necessarily the best parenting solution….

As comedy, this is great, as a parenting techniques advice video…perhaps is just not as simple as this makes out – I suspect so, its all about balance as always in parenting..

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