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13 reasons to cuddle your toddler now

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Kids cuddles: we all need them!Cuddling is wonderful, cuddles mean love, mean security, means happy kids. Toddlers love them, and can get a bit carried away sometimes and start cuddling anything that’ll let them get near!

But there are plenty of reasons why it’s important to get those cuddles in, though who actually needs an excuse? But just in case you do, let’s all cuddle those toddlers now because:

1. You love them
2. It means you can sneak in blowing a raspberry on their tummy
3. It makes them feel safe
4. It’s still far too cold and its supposed to be summer
5. You can get in close enough for a bit of a tickle
6. They’ll have grown up before you know it
7. It’s a good opportunity to give them a great big kiss
8. You can read them a good book at the same time
9. You can just double check quickly that they don’t need a nappy change (before the potty trained stage obviously)
10. It calms them and you down,
11. It means you know exactly where they are and you can be sure that the silence that follows isnt because they are doing something really, really bad
12. It’ll make them smile and thats just the best thing ever, and finally,
13. Well just because….

So go on then, give ’em a cuddle!


Sarah Jones

Sunday 12th of May 2013

Because in a few year's time they won't want to be cuddled *sob*!

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