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10 perfect gifts for 7 year old boys

We know how difficult it is to get gifts for 7 year old boys. We’ve been there done that, so if you are looking for them and you need inspiration NOW, then we’ve got some ideas that we know you will love; and most importantly are available to buy immediately so you don’t have to faff about forever looking!

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What do boys like to play with? Such a stereotyped questions, so let’s not even think about that; the perfect gifts for 7 year old boys, are pretty much the perfect gifts for any 7 year old. You know your children, and so these types of gifts will either jump out at you as inspirational, or won’t work. You decide. Do let us know though if there is a type of toy that we haven’t considered that we really ought to have done. We are always open to your ideas on KiddyCharts too. Do check out our pretend play toys as well – some great ideas for you there too!

1. Keep them active

Boys LOVE moving. Don’t take my word for it though, check our Steven Biddulph the child psychologist, he KNOWS what he is talking about. It something we have noticed about our two children; girls seems to be happy to sit, and boys almost need to fidget. Clearly this is’t universally true, as everyone is different, but there is a gender bias. Use it. There are loads of fabulous toys out there, and new ones appearing all the time. From the traditional balls, to those that spin (Zzzopa), count keepy uppys (Smart Ball), or even bounce on water (Waboba Kahuna).

2. Build it up

Everyone always thinks of construction sets for boys; though they do of course work just as well for girls. We can attest to that. However, there are a lot of different types of construction toys now, so building just with bricks seems a little old hat. Why not try Geomag, for magnetic construction, or perhaps even robot modelling.

3. Get their brain working

Just because boys like to be active, doesn’t mean that they don’t like to sit still and think if they are challenged enough. Why not check out some of the innovative puzzle ideas that are now available. Jigsaw puzzles are the most traditional of toys, but there have been an explosion of puzzle ideas in recent years to encourage kids to use their grey matter, and develop their problem solving skills from an early age.

Potential ideas include the IQ puzzler pro, where you have to build a 3D shape based on challenges, alongside the addict-a-ball which is a brilliant take on the ball maze. WIth this, you have a 3D ball to get through obstacles, and it can keep your kids busy for a long time. Just as long as they don’t get too frustrated with it….

4. Instil their love of science

Have you ever watched your child fiddle while you are out at a restaurant. We have, and our boy seems hell bent on making all manner of concoctions with whatever is available on the table to add to the coffee. From ketchup, to salt, sugar and everything else in between. Why not use that by encouraging their love of science? From exploring the planets with a space torch and building, to creating a catapult, or even the ultimate with an Alien Slime lab!

5. Get icky!

We’ve just mentioned Slime. Boys love mess; from slime to poo. So help indulge this with your choice of presents. The Alien Slime Lab is a great example of this, but what about the poo emoji? 💩 Anything that involves poo with delight small boys, so why not go with the flow and enlist a bit of toilet humour to get the best out of your money for gifts? Ideas might include a poo popper gun (yes, really!), plop trumps, emoji poo cushions, and dino poop bath bombs.

6. Allow them to explore their inner spy

Do you have a budding James Bond in your house? From about 7 years old, kids are just starting to get into this genre of book; or the younger version of them anyway, such as No 1 Boy detective, Jack Stalwart, and Kid Spy.

There is nothing more exciting than bringing some of these books to life by actually playing at spies. And you need the right equipments to do that don’t you? Consider anything and everything that is required for your lad’s spy kits, including Spy cameras, night-vision mission goggles and invisible ink!

7. Embrace their love of video

In this social media age, you have to accept as a parent that kids love video. They love watching YouTube for hours on end. We may not understand it, as its a difference generation, but we can use it to help encourage creativity in our kids. With this in mind, why not get them something that entices them to make films rather than just watch them?

There are a few animation studio kids available, even for boys as young as seven. If you start their love early in life, you are setting them up to develop their skills over a longer period of time, which can only bring rewards.

8. Don’t be afraid to get a pop gun

We have already mentioned a pop gun in association with poop – but you may want to consider getting another theme of pop gun. Buying guns for our kids, and boys in particularly, is an area that always causes a lot of debate. It will continue to do so. It is entirely up to you what you feel comfortable with. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that it doesn’t increase your child’s wish to use a real gun, and actually helps expend some of that additional energy and fascination that seems to be innate within some boys.

There are loads of different themes for pop guns that will work with your particularly brand of child – from Zombies and dogs, to Poop and even the traditional gun through Atomic Power. The guns tend to fire the guns quite a distance, so make sure you have a good amount of space to play it all in.

9. Help them embrace their creative side

Lots of the ideas we have here are active, so let’s help our young boys to develop their creative side too, with some gift ideas for 7 year old boys that will work for this too. The Alien Slime science lab is great way of working with science and creativity together, but how about exploring other toys that are a little more focused on crafts for boys.

Some thoughts include a mould your own monster kit, make a T-Rex head, and or try your hand with magical dragon painting.

10. It’s all magic in the end

Finally, what about trying something really different, and encouraging an early interest in magic? Marvin has some wonderful kits for kids that are perfect for young kids and boys to get introduced to the joys of sleight of hand. Why not give these a try with your kids too?

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