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Patience before kids is all about being good at waiting
Parenting Tips

Patience with kids: I used to think I was patient: then I had kids….

There are many things that you don’t get warned about before you have kids; its an un-spoken pact amongst parents that if you meet a pregnant lady, you never, ever tell her how different her life will be when she has had her child. She is probably worrying about labour, which is great, because it […]

by Helen • June 11, 2012
Parenting Tips

Can we catch the clouds, mummy?

My son said something wonderful last week. He thought that the man cutting down the tree in our garden would get to the top by: Throwing a rope into the sky and catching a cloud so he can pull himself up. What a beautiful idea. I do so wish that were possible. Haven’t we all […]

by Helen • June 8, 2012
How to Beat Fussy Eating
Healthy Eating Tips for Kids

8 top tips to encourage your child to beat fussy eating: Thursday Thoughts for Parenting

Maria is back with another guest blog.  This week, she asked her Facebook page “likers” to give her some problems around fussy eating.  She then created a hypothetical question to answer from all their responses!  Let us know what you think. I have a 3 year old daughter who just refuses to eat much at […]

by Maria Albertsen • June 7, 2012
Garden at Buckingham Palace
Parenting Tips

This Diamond Jubilee we have mostly been…..singing silly songs

Its the last day to vote in the MAD Blogging Awards, so please VOTE FOR KIDDYCHARTS in the Small business category; you have until 5pm today to make me smile!   Not sure about you; but I had a strangely patriotic weekend – wasn’t expecting it, but it just crept up on me.  I am […]

by Helen • June 6, 2012
Longest Chococlate Cake
Healthy Eating Tips for Kids

Tuesday Tips for Parenting: Jubilee parties galore so let them eat cake…

Honestly I am exhausted… It has been a lovely weekend despite the rain. Our village organised Diamond Jubilee events all weekend and its still not finished. Tonight, I will be accompanying the Brownies singing in the talent show – and no, before anyone asks, I will not be wearing my old uniform! Last week, I […]

by Beckie • June 5, 2012
MAD Blogging Awards Finalist Badge

Fed up of Jubilee Parties and Bunting – then VOTE for me in the MAD Blog Awards instead

Its been a weekend of Jubilee parties; of bunting, banners, flags, too much cake, and an over-indulgence of all things red, white and blue… So if you need a break from it all, why not spare one whole minute to vote for KiddyCharts in the Small Business Blogging category within the MAD Parent Blogging Awards. […]

by Helen • June 3, 2012
Why Mummy Why
Behaviour training tips for parents

Why, mummy, why?

The wonderful Mummy Central put together the most hilarious tagging meme last week, and I felt compelled to join in. It was, quite simply, brilliant. She put together a list of “why” questions for our little ones. They ask us Why all the time, so its lets turn the tables! I loved the idea, so […]

by Helen • June 1, 2012
Thursday thoughts for parenting behaviour challenges
Behaviour training tips for parents

Introducing Thursday Thoughts: Should my seven year old start shaving?

My name is Maria Albertsen and I am delighted to have been invited over by Helen to bring you a new feature on the blog here at KiddyCharts called ‘Thursday Thoughts’. The idea is we will give you our thoughts here regularly on some behaviour challenges for parents. I can be found blogging here, so […]

by Maria Albertsen • May 31, 2012
Believe it or not; Chatterbox is alseep!
Bedtime Parenting Tips

Britmums Blog Prompt: The Kiss Goodnight

I have never done a Britmums Blog Prompt before, so I hope that I have done this right. The prompt was to talk about our favourite time of day. There has never been any doubt about mine. I make sure it happens every night, at the very least with Chatterbox. Its when I go into […]

by Helen • May 30, 2012