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10 top tips for successful sleepovers


My children love sleepovers! They would have them every weekend and possibly other days too if I let them. Don’t get me wrong they can be a lot of fun, but I have heard of some where no-one sleeps and the children mess around for most of the night.

So here are my top tips for successful sleepovers; so that when you do get up in the morning it isn’t Night of the Living Dead in your house……

  1. Unless it’s a special occasion, set the rules for how many in the bedroom – and stick to it. If you want to have more than one/two kids over and the room isn’t big enough then either put a limit on those that can stay over, or move the sleepover to somewhere else in the house, but make sure you take into account disruption for the rest of the house….
  2. Start with children you know well
  3. We didn’t start until the age of 7; we wanted to know they would sleep through, and wouldn’t be worried about finding the toilet etc., if they needed too
  4. Only do it in the school holidays – if you do find your children come back exhausted
  5. Friday nights – this can be better than Saturdays as they have all weekend to recover
  6. Be strict with a lights off time; you can still have a fun evening, but get everyone to have some sleep
  7. Be prepared to be phoned/texted or to do the phoning or texting if a child becomes unhappy or unwell
  8. Let them have treats within reason. My daughter and her best friend have a declare at the door idea going. You “declare at the door” any sweets you have with you on entry to the others house, and parents can then decide if this is OK
  9. Instead of sweets, think of alternative fun snacks that aren’t so sugar fuelled! How about pop corn, or make hot chocolate with mini marshmallows
  10. Don’t forget to take a special toy if it will help a child settle.

Be firm with how you want them to go and how many you are happy for your child to go to. As always, you know your child best work and what will suit them.






Beckie is a mum to three kids, and works in the Cambridge area as a coach. Feel free to get in contact for a no obligation discussion.

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Prateek siwach

Wednesday 27th of April 2016

Very helpful blog. Great content. Sleep in very needed.


Friday 11th of March 2016

Very helpful tips. My kids are now 8 and 10. Today they were on my neck because the wanted their friend to come over for a sleep over ext week.These tips really came in handy. Thank you Helen.

Odhora k.

Monday 8th of February 2016

Sleep is very important things for a baby health.If a baby can't sleep then these circumstances destroy parents peace.I had this problem.When I try to bring my baby to bed he was crying.I fixed it by changing my mattress!


Friday 13th of March 2015

I'm yet to have any other person's child over to stay but these are great tip Helen.Thanks for taking part in the Parent Pin-It Party.


Monday 9th of March 2015

I can't fault any of your tips here, they are spot on, from one who has had many sleepovers, including 2 this weekend. I learned the hard way by making mistakes myself along the way.

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