Walking the Dinosaur for Red Nose Day #Teamhonkdanceathon

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We are dancing at Wembely on the 8th March in a Dino Tales onesie thanks to our lovely sponsor - please give generously to Red Nose Day and TeamHonk. You wouldn't want me to shake my Dino touche for nothing would you?

This blogging business has helped me do many a wonderful things – from messing about with many wonderful products, to meeting some truly amazing people.

Sometimes though, it makes me do stuff that, well, in all honesty, I thought I was a little bit passed – I am mature now right?

However, thanks to the wonderful Dino Tales (check our review here), we are going to be boogy-ing for SIX HOURS at Wembley in the Red Nose Danceathon for TeamHonk; that rather marvellous blogger collective inspired by Annie Spratt, Tanya Barrow and Penny Alexander. Last year, we ran and walked across the U.K. in an Epic relay, and this year, for Red Nose Day, we are shaking our hot stuff. Well luke warm anyway….

That sounds amazing enough, right. However:

I shall be dancing for six hours in a Dinosaur Onesie.

Now forgive me, but that HAS to be worth a bit of sponsorship doesn’t it?

Me, shaking my T-Rex booty for charity, for six hours, dressed like a Dinosaur from Dino Tales. I ask you, why wouldn’t you reach into your little pockets to help out a Triceratops in distress – they are extinct after all, so they really do deserve a little bit of extra love.


What do you call a dinosaur that’s knackered after six hours dancing mayhem?

A HONK-o-saurus

Come back later for a picture of what one of these looks like…we will be posting a picture. I tried to draw one myself, but thankfully the utterly wonderful Life as Alice came to the rescue otherwise he may very well have ended up looking like this:

This isn't the Honkosaurus., thanksfully - wait to see the real one sometime next week...I hope!

And that can’t be right, can it?

Can you have a better go – I am pretty sure that my DD and DS probably could….

So there you have it – KiddyCharts have raised over £300 (including our generous sponsor’s money) so far, but we really want to get that total up as high as we can. It will make all the pain I am suffering so much easier to bear if I know that we have given a good deal of something back.

Did you know how your money can help?

  • £2 can buy textbooks for children in Zambia so they can go to school just like our kids
  • Just £5 can pay for a young person in the UK with a disability to take past in a sporting activity
  • If you can give as much as £10 that can pay for children to have a meal and a bed who are living in South Africa on the street
  • £50 can pay for a woman experiencing domestic violence in the UK to be housed in a rescue centre overnight.

So a little can go a very long way – so dancing for six hours seems easy now – compared to how many other people have to live their lives.

Help them and give to us as best you can.

If nothing else, my Dino-dancing will make you smile; hopefully as much as my crap drawing.

No dinosaurs were damaged in the drawing of this picture, though we did use this site for inspiration – I hope they don’t mind my picture being so utterly rubbish.


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